Our Fragile Way of Life…

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This is a brief look at how society has developed and changed over the years. A look at our lives under the socioeconomic microscope. The geopolitical scope will be saved for another day as that is even more spellbinding than what we are about to dive into. As for the socioeconomic lives we’ve lived over the last century, it has been a journey unmatched by any known society on this planet. The rapid industrialization of the United States of America was just the beginning of what has now become our economic reality.

Over 40 years ago there were records being played on turntables and tapes were a thing of the future. Radio waves were broadcast across the globe and intercepted by radios and televisions. These are all things of the past and soon to be forgotton (with the exception of records, those have “vintage” appeal”). Now all of those same technologies are being used in many different ways. With the advent of consumerism we have learned what it means to “buy, buy, buy” and “work, work, work”. It’s become the entire reality of the rat race.

A century ago we had a country bound by steel and the telegraph line was our means for communication. Now communication is at your fingertips. Tomorrow it will be in your mind. Artificial telekenesis. Doubt it? If you do then you’re missing the point. There is a gentleman by the name of Ray Kurzweil and he has a theory about technology. His theory is called “The Singularity” in which artificial intelligence with surpass that of human intelligence. We aren’t far off from his vision of the future.

A century ago we were pioneers of this great nation, looking to build homes for our loved ones and conquer the last of the frontier. We now sit in our living rooms reading text messages and watching television. Reading internet news pages to tell us what we need to buy next. You see, we are a consumer nation. This wasn’t the case a century ago, though we were delving towards it we were not yet captivated by our own inventions.

I write this to present a very important point. Convenience is only so helpful to us and once we rely too heavily upon that convenience there is nothing but bad that can come of it. Case in point, the Y2k panic. A nation terrified of the computers setting their clocks back to zero and losing all of their great information. Bank accounts would empty and financial records would be gone forever. The next day arrived and we were all still alive along with our way of life.

Convenience is a good thing but it’s important to realize how fragile our way of life truly is. Think about what life would be like without your iphone or your blackberry. What would life be like if there were no network television shows? After all, it only takes one small malfunction to black out an entire city like what happend in New York those few years ago. Our system is fragile and convenience only forces us to rely upon our fragility more than we did previously.

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