Lady Liberty Shrugged

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Capitalism is a bitter old bitch whose pist cause she lost her youth.

This once high mistress to the powerful elite is now staggering through the streets on frayed high heels.

Usually cloaked in designer gowns and sprightly splendid jewelry.

Had to hock them off to make the mortgage, to keep the banking sharks at bay from repossessing her custom castle and selling it at discount rate.

Through decaying roads and dim light alleys she exasperates her fading charms, looking for a new lover with wads to soothe her woes.

Once a divine silhouette with proper posture striding with the intricacies of well oiled machinery.

Now struggles to maintain functional mechanics teetering on top of an ever wobbling base.

Wondering how her pimps could have ever lost interest in her beauty.

Baffled by how quickly greedy men defaulted on integrity.

But this was the plan all along.

To see her in ruin.

Still in denial about being discarded like damaged goods.

She must find courage to pull the bootstraps up.

Trying to forget the past.

Wealthy men in shadowy rooms demised her fall.

All in a plot to hoard bigger profits and make for themselves a New World Order.

They have sucked all the life out of this one and must look for greener pastures to graze on.

But, they realize she is still a nation of strong will and free minds.

This will only stand in their way.

That’s why they are taking political precautions.


One where the young are brainwashed into subjugation.

One where the old are discounted in the name of progress.

One where human experimentation is still a dark reality.

One where the Declaration is only a distant memory.

One where you and I get screwed.

In the Great Depression unemployment was at 20%.

Now we’re half way there.

By the time you close your eyes and hold your breath we might have even increased by another 2%.

So prepare yourselves for another fight.

One that guns and knives won’t win.

Where the battle takes place inside our minds.

Inside our thoughts.

And against our will.

Because if you give up your dignity you’ve already lost the fight.


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