Internet Marketing Meltdown

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The internet marketing world has reached the point of no return. There are more get rich quick gurus than there ever were and there’s nothing like running in to the next “congratulations you’ve won!” sound that blares over your speakers, deafening your ears. What has happened to cyberspace? It’s worse than watching infomercials on late night television. You seriously can’t turn a corner (or in this case click a page) without seeing countless banner ads for producst that you aren’t interested in.

This is of course coming from the perspective of a young individual who is technilogically intelligent and yet still can’t understand the reason people keep throwing themselves into online businesses with fancy terms like “SEO”, “PPO”, and any other three letter acronym you can think of. The internet has been around for almost two decades now and the people who pioneered the online businesses of yesteryear are getting old. Their techniques don’t work anymore and they are losing their steam. I’m young and I’ve already lost my steam.

There’s a statistic that shocked me when I heard it the other day. In 2010 there were 145 million internet users with a broadband connection or “landline connection” in the Americas alone. There were 226 million mobile broadband users on the same continent last year. That’s almost 75 million more people with a smartphone than with an internet connection. The face of the internet is changing.

With that statistic alone it’s no wonder there are more and more supposed gurus telling you their “secrets” of internet marketing while there are a small percentage of innovaters who are capitalizing on the mobile marketing bubble. This is what I mean but selling “air”. It is entirely possible to sit down at your computer, learn to write computer scripts and then mobile optimized scripts for no cost at all. The information is available to anyone who has the time and motivation to do so. This makes me lose faith in our constantly growing internet business community. It started with selling get rich quick schemes to stay at home parents and now it’s “quit your job and work from home”.

I’m sick of looking at wave after wave of promises for a better future. Especially when it’s a person trying to pitch me the idea that I’ll be able to pitch this same idea after I’ve heard the pitch. Selling get rich quick schemes that sell get rich quick schemes is the end of the line and it’s only growing to the impossible level these days.

I’m tired of being broke. I don’t want to market anything but I do want to make money. Maybe I’ll get my stride back when I jump on the next bubble ride before it’s too late. With an opinion, this is theidealshopper.


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