Healthy Lifestyle To Avoid Hepatitis

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This may need to be reminded again what the hell is hepatitis? Hepatitis is a medical condition where there is inflammation of the liver and is characterized by the presence of inflammatory cells in the organ tissues. All this was known to exist five kinds or types of hepatitis, namely:  
1. Hepatitis Type A

The spread of hepatitis A virus can be through food and drinking water infected with a virus called HAV and can also be caused by oral-anal contact during sex. Although it can cause swelling and inflammation in the liver, but hepatitis A does not lead to the direction of a chronic liver infection, hepatitis A If a person where there is still a possibility to be cured.  
2. Hepatitis Type B  

Hepatitis B is caused by the virus HBV. Hepatitis B virus can be transmitted or spread by contact with blood, semen, sweat, snot, syringes, razors, sexual contact, saliva / saliva, vaginal secretions and other bodily fluids of someone already infected with hepatitis B virus. The attack of hepatitis B can cause liver / liver become swollen and if the worse his condition will be damage to the liver (cirrhosis) which leads to liver cancer.  
3. Hepatitis Type C  

Hepatitis C is caused by the virus HCV. Where is the hepatitis C virus can be transmitted by the same way as hepatitis B,. Like hepatitis B, hepatitis C causes swelling of the liver and can cause liver damage that can cause cancer. Most people with hepatitis C will lead to a chronic infection also called cirrhosis.  
4. Hepatitis Type D  

 Hepatitis D is caused by the virus HDV. You can only get hepatitis D if you are already infected with hepatitis B. It is spread through contact with infected blood, dirty needles that have been infected by the virus HDV on them, and unprotected sex (not using a condom) with someone infected with HDV. Hepatitis D can cause swelling of the liver.  
5. Hepatitis Type E  

HEV Hepatitis E is caused by a virus. You get hepatitis E by drinking water infected with the virus. Hepatitis E also causes swelling of the liver / liver.  

So in essence, all types of hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E are the same or not much different among the five types of the same harm and can even cause death.  
Well, now that we know in detail what is meant by hepatitis type A, B, C, D, and E and we already know is also the mode of transmission through any media. Therefore, we should be able to implement a healthy lifestyle and behavior that is not distorted. They are described as follows:  

Healthy Lifestyle To Minimize Risk of Infected by Hepatitis  
 1. Do not use a drinking glass interchangeably, since hepatitis can be transmitted through saliva.  
 2. Do not exchange or borrowing clothing with anyone, because hepatitis can be transmitted through sweat water.  
 3. Use a razor’s own. If you happen to get a haircut at a  barber shop, do not want to be shaved by a barber’s razor (to shave the beard usually) because of what? , Razor blades were used repeteadly and contaminated by the sweat of others who stuck to the razor, remember hepatitis can be transmitted through sweat and possibly also disease fungus,  ringworm will also perch on your skin if you really want to use a general shaving razor  Try to think about ir ?  
4. Beware when you frequently visit to eat something at the diner. Let you see, the media water for washing utensils in a stall that happens to you go to the (plates, bowls, spoons, forks), whether using water flowing or not to wash the dishes? If yes, it  means safe, but if not and only use two buckets of water for washing and not replaced  water in the bucket colored “muddy / cloudy”. Well serious, this is the means of transmission of viral hepatitis are most effective around the world. So, the conclusion we had better get used to eat at home.  

Avoid Deviating Behavior  
 1. Avoid sexual contact if you are single or single with anyone. If at the time single, familiar intercourse free sex then the risk of contracting hepatitis and other diseases borne please. This behavior is by Eskimo termed as “favors Brings Passion”  
 2. If you are married, then try to remain faithful to your partner. The men remained faithful to his wife, as well as the wife must remain loyal to her husband. Because if the bad behavior often change  the couple lived, then the risk of an infectious disease may not only hepatitis but also HIV / AIDS will participate as well.  

Consume Herbal Remedy  
It also needs to take herbs to strengthen the immune system to avoid viral hepatitis, which is taking the white  ginger . It is said that Wild Ginger (Curcuma xanthorrhiza Roxb.) is medicinal plants belonging to the tribe-finding meeting (Zingiberaceae). Rhizome contains 48 to 59.64% starch, 1.6 to 2.2% from 1.48 to 1.63% curcumin and essential oils and is believed to increase bile production as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-hepatitis, and anti-cancer.  

Take Vaccination

Currently, hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccinations are available everywhere. Immunization program for hepatitis B also has been attempted for all children and adults. Apparently, hepatitis B vaccination is also very important for newborns because 90% of those infected with the virus chronic infection.

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