Can You Make Money Writing Online?

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I hear this on almost a daily basis: “Can I make money online by writing?” Well, the answer is of course you can. However, you have to know what your long term goal is in order to know where to start and how to get started. There are two types of ways to earn by writing online, through revenue and flat rate articles.

Writing revenue share articles is good option for making money online if you enjoy writing and would like to do it as more of a hobby. You write the article about whatever your little heart desires and then you post it on sites like Bukisa or Associated Content. Then what, you ask? Well, you let it sit and earn. Your article will slowly begin to get views, and if one of those views clicks on an advertisement, you earn!

AdSense by Google plays a big part in earning with revenue share articles because it’s what is used by many of the revenue share sites. Some sites will split the earnings with you, so 50% of the time you earn when someone clicks on an advertisement, and the other 50% they earn. Don’t be discouraged if your first article doesn’t get many views or even earns nothing starting out. It can be hard starting out and learning the ropes.

The best way to earn with revenue share sites is to write lots of articles and post them lots of places. Besides Bukisa, I particularly like Triond because they post your article on a relevant site. So if you article is about cooking, it will be posted on a cooking site. This helps generate more views. Stay positive and work hard to get lots of content out there. While you might only see a few cents coming in starting out, the more content you have the more you will see coming in.

The great part about this way to make money writing online is you continue to earn off articles you wrote months or even years ago. Many people can get a steady income coming in each month because they worked hard to get enough content to generate money. Just don’t lose sight of your goal and keep writing!

The second way to make money writing online is through flat rate articles. This method is better if you need some money right away. The general idea behind flat rate articles is that the site provides you with a topic, such as “How to Clean Your Grill”, and you write it for a flat rate. The rate could be $3 or $15. However, this is the only price you get for your article. You do not earn off of it each month like in revenue share articles.

The two flat rate article sites that I like to write for is Demand Studios and Break Studios. However, you have to apply to the sites like you are applying for a job. Have a good resume written up before you apply and have it focus on any writing experience you have, even if it only includes writing for a school newspaper or taking an English class in college or high school. You just want to make yourself sound like you write well and know English well. Also, have a great writing sample on hand so you can submit it as well.

Demand Studios is a site that is harder to get accepted to, but once you do it is a great place to work for. The pay is high and you get paid twice a week. If you apply for Demand Studios and get rejected, then focus on sites like Break Studios and Text Breaker where you can get some experience for your resume and then apply again. Some people apply three or four times until they get accepted.

Constant Content is a site that is a little different than Text Breaker, Break Studios, and Demand Studios. Rather than being told what you will write about and for how much, Constant Content has more of a marketplace feel where you write about what you want and set your prices. You can sell your content for usage, unique, and full rights. It can be harder to make money on the site when you are just starting out because you are competing against other people, but it can be nice to write about what you want. Make sure your articles are 100% grammar and error free; otherwise you may have your account suspended.

So, can you make money writing online? Well, yes I think you can. Once you pick which method works best for your goals, you can get started. Some people find it best to write some flat rate articles to make money to pay bills and write revenue share articles at the same time. That way, you are making an investment for the future but paying bills too! The possibilities are endless. Also, check out the site Money: Don’t Spend it to Make it for some more advice on making money online.


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