An Introduction to Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Marketing. The name by itself makes you stop and think for a second. It’s ominous simplicity makes one feel like that newtonion apple just fell from the digital tree. Congratulations! You’ve just been hit over the head with today’s latest marketing craze that has yet to reach it’s limit. That’s right, this form of marketing is still in its infant stages and it’s about to take off faster than you can say “huh?”. For those of you who are still scratching their heads and have no idea what I’m talking about, mobile marketing is the use of SMS text messages to deliver advertisements to customers who have joined an opt-in list. This method of marketing is incredibly effective for any niche web-based or otherwise because of its sheer simplicity.

Have you watched “American Idol” lately? What about “Dancing with the Stars”? These major network television shows have utilized text based mobile marketing to a nationwide level. Both of these shows give you the choice to vote for who you like and who you want off the show. It’s that phrase that keeps popping up more often in advertisements, and shows like this. “text: vote1 to 12345 to vote for contestant #1″. With this simple phrase displayed on a major network television show during prime time hours millions of people nationwide send in their votes, actively participating in this new marketing phenominon. Imagine what something like this could do for your business.

The process of utilizing mobile marketing is still a bit hard because there isn’t much information available on the subject. There are a handfull of major players who have established their roles as marketing firms but the methods to utilize this power on your own aren’t easily accessible. Ad campaigns with these new giants are extremely customizable and feature endless possibilities.

Statistically more people have phones than they do computers these days it shows when you participate in a mobile marketing ad campaign. If you have a small business this is an extremely great way to generate more traffic to your website or more physical customers to your door. This is the future of marketing and it’s only beginning. For more information read more articles by Theidealshopper.


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