Raising Rabbits For Pets And For Business

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 A rabbit makes for a low-maintenance, friendly family pet and is a fine size creature for kids as well as adults to take care. Additionally, it does not cost a lot of money to get rolling with rabbits — this project would suit most family budgets. While proper gear adds to the success of raising rabbits, it is more significant for your gear to be functional instead of being fancy.

Choosing the Right Rabbit

There’s a remarkably wide range of selections for rabbits. It all depends on whether you want them as a pet or raise them for wool business. Here are some factors for consideration as well:

• Availability of your chosen breed raised in your area – If you choose a breed that’s popular locally, you’ll have a better choice of quality animals.

• Price of rabbits – You’ll find that some breeds have higher prices than others.

• Cost of caring which include breed size, which affect overall costs – Larger breeds require larger housing and exhaust more feed.

• Quantity of care – Angoras particularly need be groomed on a daily basis.

• Simplicity of raising – Some breeds, like the Holland Lops and Netherland Dwarfs, could be quite difficult to raise.

When you have appraised your own needs and preferences, you’ll need to choose a breed, find breeders having stock for sale, and next, go to a rabbitry to pick out your rabbit.


A number of people have rabbits as pets. Being pets, rabbits can be kept inside or out, they create no noise, they have only few veterinary needs (including no vaccination), their primary cost is low, and every day care is not exacting. These characteristics make rabbits suitable pets for busy, modern families. Any breed could be maintained as a pet. Should you prefer to raise rabbits mainly to sell as pets, it is wise to consider the smaller breeds. These are: Dutch, Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, and Holland Lop.


Lately, natural fibers and handmade items have been quite popular. This has staged a new admiration for the Angora rabbit breeds. Being soft and warm, Angora wool is obtained by pulling out the loose hair from the mature rabbit coat. Since you are just helping the natural shedding action, this hand plucking doesn’t pain the creature. The plucked wool may then be spun into yarn. Although Angora rabbits need some special caring (they require to be groomed frequently), growing them and marketing their wool is a great business venture.


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