Being Encouraged And Keeping Your Head Above Water as You Seek Out a Path That Allows You to be The True Leader That You Were Called to be

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This is a lonely road, and you can’t be a groupie.  You cannot be someone that wants to do this because you are a pseudo-intellectual, or you want to be “different” or it seems cool because you are going against the tide.  You will be crushed if you try to stand up for those reasons.  Find out why you are doing this, what are the benefits for doing this, here in this world and in the afterlife, and if it is truly worth the persecution that comes along with it.

You will always be called out for your hypocrisy and self-righteousness.  Always, at each and every turn.  People are not going to like you.  There will be a season where you are getting along with people and everyone wants to hear you speak, or read your articles, or listen to your rhetoric or whatever it may be.  There will be a season where everyone wants to see you in action.  Then there will be times when everyone turns against you.  Look at what every president of the United States has to go through.  There are times when everyone loves them, and then there are times when people want to kill them, literally and figuratively.  That is just the way that it is.

You have to pass the tests of being a leader and learn how to go through those trials and tribulations.  Someone that is a leader and in charge is sexy to most people.  But again, if you succumb to that spirit you are going to be called out.  These days people are being exposed for sending text messages and multimedia messages to people.  Their stuff is being recorded electronically.  They all fall in the eyes of the World.  In the last few years, at least three people, all either politicians or men of the cloth, have fallen because of their poor judgement in using electronic media to show themselves off.  It is all very sad, because no one wants to think about a leader with respect to self-aggrandizement of their own sexuality, but that is exactly what transpired.

This isn’t a career option.  It is not a path that anyone chooses.  It is one that, if you do not do it you cannot live with yourself.  It is always on your conscious, and it consumes you and keeps you awake at night.  That is what drives you.  If you are not that person then leave leadership to someone else and find someone to follow.  This is what you are called out to do, not what you want to do.  

People may not respond to you initially.  Plant that seed and move on with your life.  If they do not receive the truth from you, they will hear it from someone else, and someone else still.  If it is meant for them to change they will continue to hear the truth until they submit and receive it for themselves.  But it is not for you to see the fruits of your labor each and every time.  People are also going to be persecuted for coming under the authority of truth, just as you did when took up this calling.  If it is not for them to hear the truth, they will simply reject you and no one will bother them again, for a while anyway.  You are just an inconvenient truth, a messenger they can shoo away.  Do not loose any sleep over it.

There are times when people rebel against the truth.  Take it all in stride.  If anything, you may see even worse or more erratic behavior after you have come through with your words of advice.  We talk about God’s love, but we give up on people too easily.  You can support someone, but it doesn’t mean you have to talk to them every day and it doesn’t mean that you have to be in their face, virtually or literally.  But you cannot leave them alone, write them off, or disown them, allow a prodigal son to come home who do you think you are by washing your hands of them; as if you have arrived.  Chances are, people are saying “I like you, but I hate your kind”; if you really listen to what message they are communicating in between the lines.  It isn’t you that they like, it is what drives you and what you stand for that they like, but they don’t know that.  People will change the topic of conversation and turn the tables and then try to minister into your life.  That is where humility comes in, none are perfect, and God can speak through anyone.  If you are so consumed with their audacity you might miss out on what God is telling you through them.

This doesn’t mean that they are right, and it doesn’t mean that they have arrived or that this is how the arrangement is really supposed to be.  But we have to learn humility and learn how to take what we dish out.  Not everyone has the perfect words to say.  Not everyone is articulate.  People will call you out on your grammar, or your tone, or the way that you present yourself before they really listen to what you are talking about.  We all can stand to tighten up on those things.  But it isn’t personal; some people do not respect your station in life, and that is okay.  The truth does not respect anyone’s station in life either, and it going to come through whoever allows themselves to be used.  But people do not see it that way, they look at the outside, and that outside has to be right before they allow anyone to come inside of their mind.

This isn’t easy, but it gets easier.  Take it all in stride but realize that you cannot do it of your own strength.  Someone taught you, someone looked out for you the support has to come from somewhere.  At the end of the day we are all weak, and we are all frail.  So do not isolate yourself, because true leaders are not in a vacuum or an ivory tower somewhere.  They serve the people they are trying to get across to, they socialize, they mobilize, they empower, they put themselves out there, even if that means that they are being put in harms way.  Tone down your own introverted, narcissistic, misanthropic ways and get out and shake hands and rub shoulders with the people.  You will be better off for it.  


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