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According to his testimony, the Cameroon striker to pursue happiness,not money.
Eto’o claimed to have been considering his future at Inter and he did notrule out the possibility to move to another club this summer.

Yes, I get a quote. I have a vacation a month to evaluate it and decidewhat I would do, “said Eto’o as preached Italian Football.

I was 30 years old, I was approaching the final moments could get a bigcontract. We’ll see whether I will stay or go, said the former Barcelonastriker.

When properly resigned, Eto’o refused if the reason for the money. The former Mallorca player was just wanted to pursue happiness and live in peace.

I’m not chasing income of 100 thousand euros or 200 thousand eurosmore. The important thing for me now is I’m happy in a city, play for a bigclub where I could enjoy the game, Eto’o said.

Inter last few days as entered in the ‘crisis. Leonardo has just reportedready to leave Inter and now Eto’o was reportedly so.http://sepakbola.com/wp-content/media/Samuel-Etoo-didnt-do-nothin-AP.jpg

Gossip why leave? 
Recently arrived in the city of Milan, the former Barcelona player, Samuel Eto’o is rumored to take a fairly harmless virus. 

This is of course beyond the expectations of officials of Italian football club Inter Milan. The attacker who contributes to the goals that the race of Champions League title in 2009 is indeed a direct medical tests and the virus was discovered during the examination was completed. 

Of course, supporters of the Inter became concerned that since the agreement on movement Ibrahimovic at the Nou Camp, hopes pinned ready for a bomber fertile that can help keep the Nerazzurri champions Italy Eto’o. 

The question is whether it is a virus? Menularkah? Dangerous or not? 

Want Eto’o Do Titel Europe to the Inter 

Samuel Eto’o has been in the city of Milan to undergo a medical examination before signing a contract with Inter Milan. One thing that tekadkan forward to the Champions League Nerazzurri. 

Together with its appointed agent Jose Maria Mesalles, Eto’o landed at Linate airport Monday (27/07/2009) that. He made a brief question and answer journalists and photographers who waited for him. 

Although not official, but he was commended for potential new friends to the success of AC Milan beat Inter 2-0 in the Test match pre-season in the United States this morning. 

He also said the words to thank President Massimo Moratti and praised as someone with a big heart. 

Moratti was able to get the attacker Giuseppe Meazza Cameroon removing Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Barcelona. Not only Eto’o, Inter also get money and the right to hire Alexander Hleb season on loan. 

Eto’o most important statement on the day of his arrival is perhaps is his desire to give something that is very long is not owned by Inter. What is it? Being the best team in Europe by winning the Champions League. 

“I am very happy to be here at Inter. I came here to work and win the Champions League, “said the 28-year-old was quoted as saying by AFP. 

Throughout his participation in the tournament the highest caste in Europe, Inter won two new, namely in 1964 and 1965. 

Eto’o has been lifting the trophy twice in the Champions League. In 2006, he scored a goal in Barca’s 2-1 victory over Arsenal in the final. Two months ago, he was also a goal of helping azulgrana 2-0 over Manchester United in action at the summit in Rome. 

If you pass a drug, Eto’o will soon become the Inter players with contract duration of five years. Any transfer process should be completed this week after Ibrahimovic also finished his business with the Camp Nou.


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