Drinks Water

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Drink Water

If you pick up one habit early on in your program that will make a major difference in your weight loss, this is it.         

The list of benefits of water is so  long, you’d think people were selling it as an 18th-century miracle tonic. There is evidence that fully hydrated bodies have higher metabolism and can burn fat at a faster rate than thirsty, dry bodies. Water  also helps you :

©      Digest food

©      Feel fuller

©      Look and feel fresher

©      Have more energy

©      Think more clearly

When you drink more water, and your body gets used to it, you ironically store less water. Seems that your body needs to trust that it’ll continue to get plenty of the good stuff, otherwise it’ll hold onto what little water it does receive. Less water means less weight. Early on, losing several pounds – even if it’s water weight – can be a huge motivator.

How much water do you need ? You lose about 10 cups of water on a typical day and can easily sweat away quart during an hour of strenuous activity. A good rule of thumb (not very active in moderate temperatures) is to divide your weight in pounds by two.

The result is the number – in ounces – of water you should drink in a day. For example, a 150 pound woman would need about 75 ounces of water each day. If you’re active and exercising you’ll need a good deal more. This may seem like a lot, but if you start with a few glasses a day, it’s a habit that can quickly catch on and grow.

Fresh fruits and veggies are tremendous sources of  water. Fruit juices, milk, teas and decaf coffee also count. Watch out for caffeinated beverages. Caffeine can actually increase your need for more water, so a lot of caffeinated coffee or soda may do more harm than good.

Relying on thirst is not a good strategy. By the time the brain signals thirst, you’re already dehydrated. If you’re working out, by the time you’re thirsty, your performance can drop 5-10%. The idea is to stay  consistently hydrated for  optimal performance and weight loss. Seesawing between hydration and thirst can hold you back. Again, your body needs to know that it’ll get what it needs all  the time; otherwise it’ll store some back.

Fluids are good! Fluids:

1. Move electrolytes and oxygen into and out of cells as needed.

2. Aid digestion.

3. Cleanse the body of waste.

4. Regulate body temperature.

5. Lubricate joints and mucous membranes

Water tips :

Ø  Have a rule with your water glass : once it’s empty, it gets filled back up right away

Ø  Take a water break instead of a smoke break at work

Ø  Drink orange juice or eat fruit in the morning, or drink lime water.

Ø  Get two water bottles, one for work and one for home. Fill up one every day when you leave to go home, and fill up the other before you go to bed each night.

Ø  Order water at restaurants instead of soda.


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