Every Door Direct Mail: The Best Marketing Tool For Every Business

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We all know that the secret to every business is a good product and of course excellent marketing strategy. These days there are so many marketing strategies that an entrepreneur would be left confused as to which is the best and most effective one. But, what you should keep in mind is that every business is different from each other-although, products and services may be similar from other companies-and breaking free from the old-school marketing strategy can definitely put you on top of your game. Recently, USPS launched a program called Every Door Direct Mail which aims at helping the business sector –the budding entrepreneurs and the established businesses- as well as the ordinary citizens in marketing their products and services. For many, jumping into a new marketing tool is not a good idea but this EDDM program can actually help every business owner reduce their marketing budget up to 50 percent. Imagine how much money you will be saving if you spend $500 every month in advertising your products and services.

Every other marketing strategy is expensive but with EDDM it will only cost 14.2 cents per postcard…yes, that’s right 14 cents per client and with that small amount you are sure to have positive results. You really don’t need much with EDDM except your postcard. The key to successful marketing using this type of program is to create a postcard that has important information about the products and/or service that you are offering to the public.

Every Door Direct Mail is not only for the big companies or businesses that are already well-established but this is also perfect for small business companies with little budget for marketing. This program enables them to make use of direct marketing at a rate that won’t cost too much. This makes every small business owners be at par with their big competitors.

EDDM works effectively but it is cost-efficient and hassle-free. If you want to know how to get started with this program then read on:

– First, find an online direct mail printing company. You can search for it online or you can ask from friends for a referral. To know which online direct mail printing company is excellent in service but cheap, visit forums and try to read reviews and testimonials.

– Most direct mail printing companies will give you a count on how many households and establishments is in the area of your target. This is why it is very important to contact a direct mail printing company before printing the postcards to avoid wastage.

– EDDM companies can also help with the lay-out and the design of the postcards.

This is how fast, easy and effective EDDM program is. The advantages of EDDM program cannot be surpassed by any other marketing tool especially for the small and medium enterprises. And, do you know what’s another best thing about this program? Since the EDDM has just recently been launched only a few know about this. This means that even your business competitors might not even be aware about the program.


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