No Mercy for No Mercy 2008

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I was able to watch WWE’s No Mercy 2008 PPV yesterday (Sunday US) when a local cable channel aired it as a Special Feafure. I’m not quite sure if it was live but even if it wasn’t (delayed or taped), it was still a welcome treat.

No Mercy started at 8:30AM (my local time) and the opening match was between Matt Hardy and Mark Henry for the ECW Championship. It was a very mediocre match and I don’t think Matt Hardy did enough damage to make the defeat of Mark Henry believable.

It was immediately followed by the Women’s Championship between Beth Phoenix and Candice Michelle. The match was watchable only because it involved two busty chicks. Besides, Candice Michelle is nice to look at. Other than that, it’s a waste of airtime.

Rey Mysterio versus Kane was fun to watch only because of Rey’s quickness and pinpoint executions. The only thing I didn’t like about the match was that it ended in a disqualification.

The Number One Contender’s Match feels one sided with Batista doing all the damage. JBL did a few hits here and there but it was obviously a filler match. With Batista winning easily and quickly.

The Undertaker versus the Bigshow is another disappointing match. There was nothing special and the Undertaker went down after a couple of punches from the BigShow.

The best match of the night would be the WWE Championship match between Triple H and Jeff Hardy. The two put on a good show for the fans specially that spot freak Jeff Hardy. Triple H retained the title which was very obvious. I don’t think WWE would ever let Jeff Hardy win it anyway.

The main event was a total bummer. The World Heavy Championship match between HBK and Y2J was a sleeper. I didn’t see anything new and the match feels too fake. Okay, pro-wrestling is fake but do they have to make their audience feel how fake it is? Come on, they’re supposed to be professionals!

Seriously, I don’t care much on who wins or who loses but at least they could give their matches that extra effort to make it entertaining and watchable, at least. Next stop is Cyber Sunday and I hope they do a better job with it because No Mercy 2008 doesn’t deserve any mercy at all.


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