Will Dooh Surpass Conventional Media in The Near Future?

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The digital revolution has brought about drastic changes in the advertising practices of various brand owners. Amongst the top modes of brand promotion, outdoor advertising avenues have been considerably affected by the digital tide. Today out of home (OOH) advertising has a new prefix i.e. Digital that makes it Digital out of Home (DOOH). Brand owners of all ranges are heavily investing in DOOH Advertising practices. Hats off to those technologicalGurus who have changed the overall facet of outdoor advertising through the induction of latest digital tools & techniques. Outdoor Advertising in Delhi, Advertising in Mumbai, Advertising in Bangalore etc are currently backed by digital devices and technology. So, it can be aptly predicted that DOOH is going to surpass conventional outdoor media in the very near future. The following points highlight some reasons why DOOH will top traditional media-

Content is the ‘king’ in modern Outdoor Advertising- If you happen to come across an outdoor ad display, you will find out that modern advertisers have given more stress on content. Especially through the introduction of digital tools and techniques, modern OOH Advertising is garnished by a rich content that is remotely controllable by the advertiser and which also enables the advertiser or brand owner to edit or make changes in the ad content (anytime). These contemporary facilities of outdoor advertising are so far not provided by conventional media. Hence, it is obvious that digital outdoor media is surpassing traditional media.

Digital Ad displays effectively attract and engage customers’ attention- The interactive appearance of an OOH Ad hits maximum eyeballs and attracts the passing attention of customers. Digital media provides not only an interactive look but also an engaging experience to customers. Those who visit the various shopping malls, airports or metro stations find the visually appealing digital OOH Ad displays an attention grasping as well as something engaging while passing through the particular sites. One would not mind missing an ordinary poster ad display, but when it comes to a digital billboard, one hardly misses the brand message displayed through the attractive media.

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