Galil Red Dot Gameplay And Tips On Wmd Call of Duty Black Ops 41-5

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In call of duty black ops, map control will sometimes determine the outcome of the game. If you do not control the spawns of the other team, you could easily get back spawned, and no matter how good you are, call of duty is designed so that if you are outnumbered, you will lose.

In this black ops video, I go 41-5 on WMD with my team playing demolition. I play with the galil with a red dot, hardline, slight of hand pro, and hacker. I really am starting to like hardline and care package because of the way a lucky care package at a 4 kill streak can really turn a game around. I like to save a few to put together for some maximum effect. I also run chopper gunner and attack dogs for my black ops version of blitzcreg (or shock and awe). It is super effective.

On WMD one of my favorite places to control spawns is where you will see me most of the video. This is the less traveled path between dom point A and dom point C, where the stairs lead up to C. Sometimes I will slip in the house at C just because of the great vantage point that it gives you. And the galil does great on this map. In fact, the galil with a red dot if probably one of the best guns for the map.

I run sleight of hand pro, so any chance I get I pick up a warlorded gun. All of the points and tips that im talking about can be found in my commentate black ops video, I will put a direct link to that video at the end of the article. I would also like to tell everyone that my new sit is now up and running and I would love it if you would drop by. You can find all of this info and more on the site that is dedicated to call of duty and world of warcrat. For anyone that wants a direct link to my black ops call of duty tips and gameplay video referred to in this article, just follow this link: .

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