Guaranteed Business Appointments For Janitorial Firms With Pay Per Appointment And Qualified Leads

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Outsourcing telemarketing service is an often used by janitorial firms. When they need business appointments, whether to get locked-up or open contracts, this direct marketing tool has proven quite useful to them. And with the aid of appointment setting, they no longer need to use hard-selling in order to market their services to companies and organizations that do not possess the manpower to do specialized cleaning tasks such as carpet or window cleaning. However, one thing that these cleaning and janitorial firms still have to deal with is that even if an appointment is set, there could be cancellations prior to it and thus meaning lost opportunity at some business deals.

To remedy this sort of predicament, these firms resort to having to take on additional expenditures. They hire lead generation companies to create commercial business cleaning leads for them. Leads they provide their sales team with in order to increase the chances for an appointment. That way they can get another opportunity at striking a deal with their prospective clients. Getting this leads is not guarantee of a potential client though. There are times that telemarketing companies do not deliver fresh and qualified leads. Or these leads are not sales ready.

What these cleaning and janitorial firms may need is the help of a telemarketing call center that offers to do pay per appointment telemarketing, and one that can generate qualified leads. Although this may add a bit more to the amount of resources being spent for outsourced services, it is somewhat of a small price to pay for guaranteed business appointments with prospective clients, one that actually pull through and result in closed deals. So, how does this form of telemarketing approach work? Well then, let’s proceed so we can find out.

Actually, this method works the same as any old appointment setting approach. The only difference here is that you get the number of leads you require. Unlike on a regular basis however, at least here you can be assured that you WILL be making a sale, or getting a business deal out of your prospects. This is because when doing this method, the telemarketers that generate leads for you will make sure to base their finding of prospective clients on any criteria you provide them with, requirements that you need your would-be clients to meet before you consider them as business candidates. Once qualified, they are then making calls to in the same way as a normal telemarketing call takes place. Once the call is over and let us assume that you got an appointment set, then you can deem this is qualified or not. If it does not pull through, then you won’t have to pay for the lead and will be replaced free-of-charge by your provider.

Pay per appointment can really help out a cleaning/janitorial firm in meeting their goals and increasing their overall revenue. After all, this is quite a lucrative industry and more business deals means more profit. Give it some consideration and see how this kind of campaign can work for you.


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