9/11 Hoax? or Insiders Job? or Terrorism? You Choose

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You know the saying, “We are safe in the United States of America”? Well that statement was turned around on September 11, 2001. The day a group of terrorist took over 4,000 life’s…   9/11 disaster or an insider’s job? I believe we should address this very debatable issue because there are some good points about 9/11 being an insider’s job, its controversial and we the people should know these things.

Two good reasons that 9/11 could be an insider’s job. One reason is that the planes where made of aluminum and the towers of pure steel! In such saying, the planes should have almost disappeared into the wall of the buildings and not just gone in the buildings. Second, the World Trade Center Twin towers were destroyed by controlled demolitions. Demolition professionals always blow the bottom of the building first, but the Twin Towers collapse started at the top, where the planes hit. Non-experts claim seeing puffs of smoke being forced out of windows as a result of controlled demolitions but experts identify this as air and light office contents being forced out of windows as floors collapsed on each other. On July 28, 1945, a B25 bomber, lost in fog crashed into The Empire State Building, fourteen people dead, 1 million dollars in damage but the building stands intact to this day. On February 14, 1975 a 3 alarm fire broke out between the 9th and 14th floors of the North World Trade Center Tower. It was put out and the building was fine until September 2001.May 4, 1988, a 62 story skyscraper in Los Angeles a fire broke out and burned for 3 hours and spread over 4 floors and DID NOT collapse! If these buildings did not collapse then why on September 11,2001, did two 110 story skyscrapers completed in 1973 a fire burned for 56 & 103 minutes, and spread over only 4 FLOORS collapsed COMPLETELY to the ground. One might argue it was because of the construction of the building. The Twin Towers were composed of 200,000 tons of steel; 425,000 cubic yards of concrete; 103 elevators; 43,600 windows; 60,000 tons of cooling equipment and a 360 foot television antenna. The North Tower was completed in 1970, standing at 1368 feet and the South Tower was completed in 1973 standing at 1362 feet tall. To think the Federal Government would have us believe that these massive structures were brought down by 10,000 gallons of jet fuel. Switching to the Pentagon, why is there no describable trace of flight 77? The official explanation is that the intense heat from the jet fuel vaporized the entire passenger jet plane. Indeed from the pictures, there is no trace of a fully loaded Boeing 757. But, if the blast was hot enough to incinerate a jumbo jet, then how could investigators identify 184 out of 189 people at the Pentagon?

It’s controversial. Many people believe that the terrorist attacks on September 11 were just something no one knew about beforehand and somehow the terrorist on board the passenger planes took over 200 people, with box cutters. I mean how? The planes should have been equipped with tasers or something. But no, a group of terrorists took over 200 people per plane with box cutters. But otherwise, some people believe it was an insider’s job, and some people believe it’s just something that happened.

We the people should know these things. It’s hard to believe teachers are not teaching these things because it scares kids? We need to keep the spirit alive of the dead souls and keep the memory alive so “history will not repeat itself.” –Mrs. Huffman. Some people refuse to believe that this is true. They repress and repress this memory until it’s a dream. They refuse to believe the past and believe the now. So research, look up and learn about this horrible day in history.

In conclusion I sit here writing and believe the Twin Towers collapsed because of a controlled demolition and the Pentagon by a missile. But in the end what will you believe? Will you believe the Government or science? Whichever, I hope you keep in mind what I have stated here.


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