Sumbawa Horse : A Descent Arabian Horse

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Sumbawa horse is a multi purpose horse from Indonesia. The horse is descendant of Arabia horse. The Sumbawa people raise the horse for sport and  farmer utility.Sumbawa people often organize the horse race periodically. Some owner use kid who still study at elementary school as jockey. The little jockey can rise the horse cleverly.

The horse also helps the farmer to peel mung bean. The farmer use the horse for cariage the agricultural commodity or some stuff. This horse also can be used to plough the crop field. Some horse also pull the carriage at tourism destinantion.

The horse is short or 1,12- 1,15 meter in height. The Sumbawa is included in pony horse due its the short. It weighs only 200 – 300 kilogram.  The horse has ability to bring 150 kilogram loads. The color variations is dark brown, red, yellow, light yellow, and white. The hair color is dark brown, black and white. The brown color dominate the Sumbawa horse.

Sumbawa people raise the horse at the sabanna where house can find the food. The Sumbawa people are not afraid the horse loss. They sign the horse at the left tight. The horse respect each other. When they find the loss horse, they will return it to the owner.

Sumbawa horse mature at two years age. The female pregnant for six month and bear a kid. At that time, the shepherd will catch the female horse with the kid. It is not easy to milking the horse. Sometimes the horse kick the people who approach it. They want to milk the horse milk. Sumbawa people believes that milk horse can cure some diseases such as asthma, and rheumatic.

A female horse can produce a half litres every day in lactating. The horse milk is pricey. Beside milk, the horse meat is also good. People make satay from horse meat. They bake the horse meat slice at the charcoal. They add soya sauce, chili slices, onion slices, and garlic slices. People believe the meat could cure some diseases.

The diet of the horse is grass and weed. The horse is easy eater too. They can eat poisonous leaf or snake.


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