Flawless Galil Red Dot On Wmd Call of Duty Black Ops 27-0

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Check out my youtube channel for the video of the Flawless Galil Red Dot On WMD Call of Duty Black Ops 27-0.

This was a very good game, and the trick to do this consistently is map control. Im going to go over map control in COD black ops in this article and in the video linked in my youtube page.

Map control is very important in black ops, and the galil with the red dot is a very good gun to do this with. You really do not need extended mags on the galil in order to control an area because you will not be running into more that 2 people at a time if you do it right. This strat is one of the best black ops strats because you actually help to control spawns.

COD, and black ops in general has a pretty sporadic spawn system, and in order to control this, you have to lock down an area, and at the same time have a minimum amount of entrances and exits. One trick is to find a good area ( about 1/5 of the map ) that has some traffic, but is not a nade hot zone, or a main killing ally. This is sometimes hard to find, and work in black ops best if you play team death match or domination.

Again, the galil is very good for this because you will need some close range and some medium range capabilities. For killstreaks, I personally run care package, chopper gunner, and attack dogs. In my opinion, this is the best killstreak to run in black ops. I run sleight of hand, hardline, and hacker. Ninja is a good alternative, and tac mask if you have problems with flashes and stuns. Please visit my website www.darksun-gaming.com for a ton of info like this, or my youtube channel. Thanks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygFOx1qVoiM is the direct link to the video referred to in this article.

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