Don’t Market With Postcards Before Knowing About Every Door Direct Mail

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Gone are the days when one used to use postcards for mailing. The trend today is Every Door Direct Mail. This is the most commonly used mode for communicating through mails nowadays by the various business persons. This mailing process possibly saves thousands over the span of a direct mail campaign. Every door direct mail have changed the way that the businesses market with postcards, these are done by allowing them to mail postcards with no address specified within. Not necessarily should everyone know about the identity of our company, not even the neighbors. This type of retail program started back some 3 months back and what it does is it allows United States’ businesses to bring their marketing material to the nearby post office and mail for around 15$ per postcard. The 15$ charged is a subsidized rate since at the start of the program the cost was around 45$ for a stamp. This new subsidized rate saves almost 70% off the cost of the stamp.

The advantage of this scheme is that one does not compulsorily have to pay for buying a mailing list or pay a mail house to prepare the mail for them. This indeed has made the job even easier for the businesses to mail to their clients. The post office itself has created a website for this scheme.  What this website provides is that it will allow the traders to target the address and pick the bulk of the mailing routes in the given area. One has to specify the route in which the mail has to be sent and once he has decided the route, he has to print out the paper work from the website, and the artwork should be put to print.

Once the printing material is received one has to bundle the printed postcards in a bundle and the bundling should be made in increments of 50 and the facing slip from the paperwork that one receives should be placed inside after checking with the routes availability in the USPS site. From then on one should take the paperwork and the printing to the local post office and the mail will be delivered in a couple of days from the date of sending. This really makes the job easier for the customers to use this Every Door Direct Mail program to perform mailing campaign effectively and at a low cost. The other way to make the mailing interactive and responsive could be made possible by putting an offer or a coupon on the postcard through this program.

As far as the look of the postcard is concerned one is recommended to use full color printing since it will provide the zing that is required for marketing to local businesses, which is not that costly either. These are the basic features that will make the user get greater value from Every Door Direct Mailing program.


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