Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail

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Every door direct mail is a ground breaking new direct mail system created by the US postal service that allows businesses to mail postcards or other mail pieces at a very low cost and that the process is done effectively is a well known fact but the comparison one makes with the Door hanger delivery is something that has to be discussed in order to show the dominance of the every door direct mail. Not alone the fact that it allows businesses to mail postcards at around 15$ makes it reliable but also that the postage savings that is done along with the postcard is what brings joy to the face of the businessman and allows the business people to commit marketing resources to using the program.

It indeed will be prudent and silly to compare every door direct mailing with any other alternatives because we could assuredly say that this is the best mailing program in the market hands down. EDDM involves mailing at a low price and it saves up to 66% off the cost of a standard stamp. So for mailing in a number of the equal number of postcards would be put to use in Door hanger and which would cost a fortune to do so. Many customers use door hangers as a heel to toe approach to marketing where once one prints door hangers with a professional company one should have to go to the streets and should place the doors hangers on the client’s doors. In what way this is better is that here only the investment should be made on printing and our sweat equity and time. If one has the time to invest into this type of program one will garner good results.

However if one is going about delivering door hangers, one is not working on his business and it does not throw a professional light on his business. If one indulges in these kinds of activity he would not be able to spare some time for the service of the customers. Instead the use of EDDM will deliver the mail marketing message for us thus saving the time that we invest on door hangers. Few businesses would claim that if they do door hangers they would be paid some reasonable amount for the walk around and the delivering of door hangers.

This some people think as a solution but what happens is that one could not go around at a rapid pace and perform all these activities within the amount of time that is quote by the traders. Also one could not guarantee that the employee actually delivered the door hangers. There are possibilities that one throws them out just to please the bosses. All the limitations implied one could say that there isn’t a better way to get the marketing message delivered in a short time at a cheap rate without Every Door Direct Mail.

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