Five Funny Lost Pet Posters

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Whenever a pet is lost, people tend to put up signs to ask about finding the pet. There’s usually a picture of a pet, a description of the pet, and a phone number to contact that person. Sometimes there’s’
an address, but not always. 

There are times when people are serious about these lost pets, but they seem funny. There are also times when people are making fun of lost pet signs. Sometimes we will never know which was happening. Here are five of the funniest lost pet signs that have been posted. 


This poster wasn’t for a real bear. Instead, a picture of a teddy bear was on the poster. Somebody’s child lost the teddy bear, called Huck, at a farmer’s market. This one is more of a cute poster than a funny poster. The funny part of the poster is that it says, “The bear may have been wearing a diaper.” 


Somebody named Johanna was willing to give anybody who found her pet crab $10. A picture of a red crab on a sidewalk was posted under the words “Lost Crab!” The contact information left was a phone number and an e-mail address. 


A lost dog sign is a normal sign to see. However, this sign wasn’t only for the dog. It was for the man’s dog and the man’s wife! There is no contact information, so it is likely that it is a joke. However, he posted that information was required and that there was a reward for the return of the dog. He was implying that he didn’t want his wife returned. 


A very large picture of a common house fly was put under the words “PET FLY LOST.” The information says that its name is Harry and that it is hairy. The last known whereabouts of the fly are also given. There are tabs to tear contact information. Being that people usually don’t keep flies as pets and a fly would be difficult to find, this poster is likely a joke. 


The poster has a picture of a lion, but it says that it is a lost cat. The writing beneath the picture then describes a lion with the weight being about 800 pounds and the length being 8.5 feet long. The person says that the name of the lion is Mr. Tiddles and that he likes to play with his food. 


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