Great Choices For a Cost-Effective Full Color Postcard Printing

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There is no question about it. Full color printing for postcard mailingis the least expensive way to undertake an aggressive advertising. And while you can relax a bit because you save a big part of your marketing expenses, you’d be more surprised to realize that there are other little-known alternatives in printing postcards that could help you save even a lot more. If you’ve been outsourcing your postcard marketing campaign for quite a while, you might as well hear these choices so next time you sit with your printing company for another round of postcard delivery, you could at least bargain for inexpensive postcards.

            Firstly, postcards do not necessarily require full color printing all over them. While it could make the postcards visually appealing if they are printed with rich colors it doesn’t mean that you have to color them on both sides. For example, you can ask your printing company to use the full-color feature only on the front side, and leave the other side in a white background. This will not hurt your marketing efforts as it is safe to assume that your readers do not really place importance on the back cover when they were already endeared by the front teasers. This way, you can negotiate for a lower postcard price per piece.

            Secondly,full color printing postcards work very well with glossy papers. It provides a unique and sophisticated look on the postcards. However, it will not be a bad deal, too, if you prefer to have the postcards glossy on the front portion only while you choose an ordinary and relatively cheap class of paper at the back. If you’ve been sending out postcards all in glossy papers, you would be amazed at the big reduction of cost when you choose the method just mentioned.

            Thirdly, whether you have a postcard in full color printing on a large size custom-made paper or in small one, the winning effect is still the same. Ask your printing company on how you could maximize a smaller-sized postcard than the previous ones, without compromising the quality of your marketing campaign. This could significantly earn you some savings. So chat with the one in charged with the printing and ask about the possibility of using smaller postcard templates.

            Fourthly, you should also be able to talk with your printing firm about other avenues which will allow you to net on savings. For instance, you might want to know about a less costly full color printing arrangement when the delivery turn-around of the postcards is made on a long-term basis. Compared to the expensive and rushed postcard orders, it can earn you a nice cut on your postcard marketing expenses. But you have to choose first a specific postcard promotion that is not tied up with an immediate season.

            Just when you are thinking about scrapping altogether your postcard marketing, you might want to meet with the printing outfit first and discuss on the cost-saving ways mentioned above. You’d be delighted to hear a lot of possibilities to make your marketing efforts cost-efficient but still highly-effective.


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