The Main Benefit Of Soy Milk

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Soy milk is an excellent source of nutrients for our bodies. In addition, it turns out, soy milk contains properties that are very useful to maintain a healthy body and even to cure certain diseases. The following are the recommendations suggested by several  experts  of  Indonesian traditional medicine therapies.
1. Overcome Lactose Intolerant. 

Mother’s milk  is the best food and beverage as well as natural for most children.It must be clean, nutritious, and inexpensive. However, due to various constraints or reasons, not least the women who try to replace breast milk with cow’s milk. In fact, in reality many children, especially toddlers who allergic to cow’s milk. The response can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. It’s a sign of the digestive system is not able to digest and absorb lactose (milk fat) as well. Such a condition known as lactose intolerance, due to limited enzyme lactase in the body that functions break down lactose into glucose and glucose (monosaccharides) to be more easily digested gut. 
As an alternative, soy milk can be used as a substitute for cow’s milk and milk drinks companion for toddlers. One of the advantages of soy milk compared to cow’s milk is, the absence of milk lactose. Therefore, children allergic to cow’s milk is recommended to consume soy milk; as well as for adults who are allergic to cow’s milk. Especially for children, soy milk should be given after a child aged over one year. 250 500 ml portions enough. or 1-2 glasses per day. Two glasses of soy milk are able to supply 30% protein requirement per day for toddlers. Soy milk can be given after or before meals, depending on the habits and tastes of children. 
2.Drink for People with autism. 
Autism is a developmental disorder that occurs in childhood, thus making a person incapable of social interaction and as if life in his own world. Autism in children is usually called Autism Infantile. People with autism should not consume foods containing casein (milk protein) and Glutein (protein powder). Because in addition difficult to digest, foods that contain both types of these proteins can lead to impaired brain function. If the consumption behavior of people with autism will become more hyperactive. Casein sources derived from animal milk (cow’s milk) as well as a variety of products, like cheese and cream. For people with Autism, Cow’s Milk can be substituted with Soy Milk. Thus, people with autism continue to obtain the input of protein, vitamins, and minerals is sufficient. The most important thing of all, soy milk does not contain Casein and Glutein. 
3. Drinks for Vegetarians 
Vegetarians are people who embrace abstinence from meat eating patterns, including other food products of animal origin  eggs, milk and processed products. But in fact the vegetarian need of animal-source nutrients that a high nutrient source for growth and development of the human body. For vegetarians, soy milk can be served as a main drink. In addition to delicious and refreshing taste, nutritional value is not inferior to cow’s milk. Soy milk is a beverage source of vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and provitamin A), a source of minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Selenium, Phosphorus), the source of carbohydrates, protein sources, and sources of fat). 
4.Decrease  Blood Cholesterol Levels. 
Cholesterol in the body will join with protein, forming compounds called lipoproteins; which consists of two types of Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) and High Density Lipoprotein (HDL). LDL cholesterol is known as the Evil One, because it often leads to the buildup of cholesterol plaques on the walls of the arteries. Meanwhile the  HDL cholesterol is known as the Good, because it serves to clean the walls of cholesterol in the arteries and back prudential where cholesterol is broken down and is secreted. Soy milk can banish bad cholesterol (LDL), because soy milk contains lecithin; that are emulsify (dissolve) cholesterol in the blood, so there is no narrowing and blockage. Usefulness of the lecithin has been studied by Dr. Edward and published in Biocontrol News and Information, Discover & Science News. Besides lecithin; other substances that can demolish Nutrition cholesterol is that isoflavones act as antioxidants and can increase HDL. If the American Heart Association research shows Soy Milk consumption during the three months to increase HDL an average of 4.7%. 
5. Prevent Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension, Coronary Heart, and Stroke. 
Besides Lecithin and Isoflavones, soy milk also contains Vitamin E (Tocopherol), which can also help prevent Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke. Vitamin E is also able to prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol; so it does not cause plaques that cause blockage of the arteries, and rejuvenate the arteries that are old, making it more elastic and prevent Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). Research at Harvard University; showed those who obtain Vitamin E 200 IU / day; risk of serious cardiovascular disturbances have decreased by 34%. Folic acid content and vitamin B6 in soy milk can also prevent heart disease. 
Fortunately again Soy milk contains mineral Magnesium is able to regulate one’s blood pressure. Not only that, the results of research by  Jerry L. Nadler from the City of Hope Medical Center – California; mention Magnesium can inhibit the release of Thromboxane – a substance that makes Platelets (blood fragments) becomes more sticky and easier to form clumps, so as to prevent the rise in blood pressure and prevent strokes and heart problems. 
6. Prevent Diabetes Mellitus. 

Diabetes mellitus arises because the body lacks insulin; that result in abnormalities of metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, water, and electrolytes. Soy milk containing the amino acid glycine and Amino Acids Arginine Insulin is able to maintain the balance of hormones. In addition, the proteins in soy milk is more easily accepted kidneys compared with animal protein. Soy milk is good because it is consumed by people with diabetes mellitus. 
7. Inhibition Prevent Menopause and Osteoporosis. 

Although natural prose, not a few women feel scared and worried about facing menopause. This is reasonable because the process is characterized by cessation of menstrual cycles that often lead to psychological and physical disorders are very disturbing; both before and after entering. 
Cessation of the menstrual cycle in postmenopausal women is influenced by the hormone estrogen produced by the gland Ovary. Therefore given the usual medical therapy is Hormone Replacement Therapy (). 
Although powerful enough to overcome some of the menopausal syndrome, but in the long term can cause health problems, among other Breast Cancer (33%), stroke (49.1%), Thromboses (125.3%), and Disease heart (34.4%) – (Woman Health Initiative USA). Solutions that can do is keep searching and researching Phys-estrogen or estrogen derived from plants. One of them is proven to effectively cope with menopausal syndrome are the isoflavones contained in soy milk. Besides it’s cheap; products have also been known to the public. 
Besides Isoflavones, soy milk nutrients that can inhibit the menopause is a Vitamin E; useful to maintain balance of hormones that slow the occurrence of menopause. Natural vitamin E is more readily absorbed than synthetic Vitamin E. Besides being able to inhibit the menopause, isoflavones was able to prevent osteoporosis; by stimulating the osteoblastic activity of estrogen receptors, and increase production of Growth Hormone – (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). Consuming Soy Milk regularly can maintain the skull and spine . (Susan M. Potter, University of Illinois – USA) 
8. Prevent Migraine 

Migraine is also known as the headaches are recurrent and are idiopathic (arising by itself with no known cause), and also be recurrent. The disease is more common in females as males (3: 1). The major factor is the hormonal cycle in women. With its idiopathic migraine is associated with biochemical changes. Consuming soy milk regularly can prevent and relieve migraine; mainly caused by deficiency nutrients. This is because Soy Milk is a source of Vitamin B-complex (except B12), Minerals (especially potassium), and Amino Acids (especially Lysine) with a high enough number. 
9. Anti-Cancer drinks. 

Have you ever heard or seen advertisements of milk that can prevent cancer? Milk is Milk Soy  alias. Due to Soy Milk is one source of health drinks mineral, selenium, vitamin E, Isoflavones, and Amino Acids Triptopan. To cope with exposure to trigger free radicals, cancer, substance or compound that is required to function as anti-oxidants. Selenium addition, anti-oxidants on Soy Milk is Vitamin E and Genistein, which synergistically able to banish cancer. 
10. Prevent Aging (Anti Aging). 

For everyone; becoming old is a certainty that does not need to be scared of. One of the most powerful ways that are believed to ward off premature aging is to rely on anti-oxidants sourced from food or drink. Consuming food or beverage sources of anti-oxidant is a wise choice, as well as the right choice to overcome premature aging. Anti-oxidants are generally derived from the class of vitamins and minerals; including vitamins B, E, C, Beta-Carotene, Chromium, Selenium, Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, and isoflavones. 
Soy milk is inserted into a menu worthy of your diet, so you stay young. Soy milk contains some compounds Anti Aging (inhibits premature aging).


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