A Great Way To Waste Your Home Marketing Efforts With Bad Imagery

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No matter if you are a real estate agent, broker, or just a FSBO owner – I bet you want to sell quickly and for highest price. And while many people think they are photography masters with digital cameras in their hands, the opposite is truth. I have seen many examples of terrible property pictures, which ruined several businesses.

Visuals are extremely important for marketing – it’s bad to have no, but it’s bad to have bad visuals! Therefore never underestimate the value of the graphic side of marketing. It may be not so obvious, but eyes are often the key sense in the decision process (well, think about dating…)

Post no pictures whatsoever, anywhere. Pictures prompt prejudice and you surely want the buyers to be as objective as possible when seeing your property for the first time.

In case your Realtor® puts her or his foot down and pushes you to select photos to go along with your online listing, give them the most inexplicable photographs that you have. Stand behind a large tree, or take a photograph of a significant part of your neighbour’s garden that seems like it belongs to your property. In the best case, photographs of the west of your property should be made early in the day, and the east-facing side is best taken care of later in the day.

Make sure you turn off the flash on your camera when taking snaps of the interior. Focus your camera on your fingers first, or place a fishbowl in front of the objective. If your pictures are too crisp still, just conceal most of the front lens with your body. Or you could allow your children to enjoy the camera, so that viewers may see the rooms from an entirely new and fresh point of view. Be sure to include your dog Dummy biting the armchair – endearing pictures of your adorable animals make your your house stick in your buyers’ heads!

So What?
We hope that you will find these ideas helpful. If you guide your actions according to them we promise you that you will struggle to allure one purchase proposal worth your while.


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