Persisting Sore Throat – Causes And Solutions

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A sore throat is a common ailment, especially so in colder seasons, but for the majority of people the symptom are minor and brief. A sore throat is generally an irritation in a part of your throat which often leaves a rough sensation of pain when you swallow. They are usually caused by a minor illness, but if the sore throat persists then there may be an alternative cause. A common illness which causes a prolonged sore throat is glandular fever. The possible causes of prolonged symptoms are numerous; however some of the more common causes include smoking, allergies, a constant/long term cough or a virus.

A quick search on the internet reveals a whole host of apparent home cures and your local pharmacy most likely boasts even more. However bear in mind that although some self proclaimed “cures” may give a measure of relief or even rid the problem, the majority however will have no effect. This can result in them effectively wasting your time and possibly even worsening the situation. Another useful point to bear in mind is that usually only the people whose problem was not rectified send reply posts, so do not use the number of negative comments as a gridline on how effective it is.

When faced with a prolonged sore throat it is widely recommended that painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen in order to lessen the pain and therefore make it more bearable. Some useful tips are to avoid very hot food, avoid harsh drinks: for example drinks with high sugar content, avoid smoking and to use a mouthwash consisting of warm, salty water. This is in order to reduce pain and swelling.

The most sensible and usually the most effective way of ridding of yourself of a prolonged sore throat is to see your local doctor. From there you can receive a general diagnosis of your problem and depending on what the cause/causes are can either prescribe you something or refer you to a specialist.

   A prolonged sore throat can be a major hindrance in your day to day life but luckily it is very rarely a serious problem. The majority of the time a long lasting sore throat simply dissipates in time. But even if seeing a specialist it is still recommended that the pointers shown above are followed.


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