Walk In Tubs Canada: Are They Only For Seniors?

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When you think of using a walk-in tub you probably think that it is more reserved for those that are older. This is not true and there are many reasons that someone that is not a senior or disabled would enjoy having a walk-in tub. Even though many companies that manufacture walk-in tubs do target the elderly because many elderly people use these types of tubs, they are also made for disabled people, anybody with mobility restrictions, and even those that are completely able-bodied enjoy having a walk in tub. Here are some of the reasons you might enjoy this type of bath tub.

1. Slips and Falls account for millions of injuries

Even those that are not disabled could slip and fall getting in and out of the bath tub. When you have a regular bath tub you actually are increasing the risk of having a home accident. This is one of the top reasons why many that do not need a walk-in tub are switching to them anyway.

2. Lowering yourself into the tub can be hard on your back and wrists

Many people that are active and very healthy still find it to be a bit painful when they get into a bath tub. This is because you have to put strain on your back and your wrist to get into a traditional bath tub. You can avoid this by getting a walk-in tub, which will make it much easier and much more comfortable to lower yourself into.

3. Easier Controls and Hand Held Shower Heads

A couple of other great benefits of having a walk-in tub is that they are designed with controls that are much easier to operate and a hand held shower head. They typically have a slip resistant surface as well so they are incredibly safe. The hand held shower head is a great benefit and can make it much easier to clean yourself.

The bottom line is that the walk-in bath tubs that are on the market are not just for seniors or for those that are disabled. There are many benefits that make them great for anybody including the safety you will experience when you have one of these types of tubs installed. The last thing you would want is for an accident to happen and cause pain to yourself or one of your family members because of the bath tub you own. If you have a walk-in tub you can eliminate many of the reasons that these accidents happen and you can keep your family safe from accidents.


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