Soon, You Will Receive Communications on Television

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It is scheduled to allow for members who are subscribed to Comcast video services using their TVs to make and receive calls from Skype users, regardless of whether these people are using the TV to make calls or not.

For Comcast, this deal is a way to stay current with viewers’ behavior as they use their TV sets for much more than passive TV watching. For Skype, this deal is a foothold in the millions of homes that are served by Comcast the nation’s largest cable provider, we can say it’s like the trojan horse concept. . Skype and Microsoft, which said last month it had agreed to acquire Skype, are said to be interested in more further expanding Skype’s presence in homes.

Tony Bates, the chief executive of Skype, said in a statement; “By combining Comcast’s broad living room reach with Skype’s innovative communications platform and worldwide community of users, we can bring video calling into the heart of the home, allowing people to share life’s experiences both big and small,”

The Skype service will be delivered through high definition televisions (HDTVs) through a Comcast adapter box (meaning anyone without a HD set is out of luck) and it will require a high-quality video camera as well as custom remote control that enables texting capabilities (hopeully with qwerty full keyboard), according to Comcast.

Subscribers will be able to use full screen video calling and instant messaging from Skype. However, voice calls to and from outside phone numbers won’t be available in the integration, because this will compete against Comcast’s telephone services.

Comcast announced that it expects to begin testing the integrated Skype services for some of its twenty three (23) million internet subscribers in the next few months.

And despite the fact that Skype company allows television services since last year, but it was only designed for some specificTV sets with a very high price
but this will be the first time the service will be allowed for subscribers of whatever company, regardless the TV brand which they own.

While Comcast didn’t mention how much money the Skype integration services would cost customers, the company is likely to know a boost in revenues through additional subscription costs.

For Skype, which was recently acquired by Microsoft company last month, the partnership with Comcast gives it a big advantage over other video calling services competitors, including Apple’s Facetime.


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