Herbal Prescription Can Be Used To Cure Influenza Illness

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People who live in countries with four seasons are usually more susceptible to the influenza accompanied by a runny nose. As with the people who live in countries in tropical climates where they are longer to develop. This is because the frequency spread of the influenza virus is not as fast in countries that have winter. 
Influenza is a disease that most commonly and frequently encountered, can attack children and the elderly. Some lay people often equate this with influenza illness, when in fact the common cold and influenza are two different diseases, only symptoms there are similarities, influenza is usually more severe than a cold misery. Colds are not accompanied by high fever or chills as in influenza. 
Symptoms of influenza is characterized by blockage of the respiratory tract, malaise, head feels dizzy and throbbing, sneezing, runny nose which liquid melted out of the nose, the body temperature rises or low-grade fever, red eyes and sore, sore throat, so that difficulty in swallowing, hoarseness and coughing. The disease is often accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils / tonsillitis and strep throat. Influenza actually not including heavy but very disturbing disease sufferers. 
Influenza mainly caused by a viral infection, there are more than 200 viruses have been known to cause it. It can also be caused due to a decreased immune system, or the presence of allergy in the nose and throat. Influenza are very contagious, people with weak immune system vulnerable to this disease. Transmission of the disease can occur through splashing sneezing or saliva containing the virus and patients who enter through the respiratory tract. Influenza usually last for 1-2 weeks. Symptoms will gradually be reduced after 3-5 days of treatment itself. However, if the noise still does not decrease after 3-5 days of treatment alone, indicating the existence of additional bacterial infection. 
Although the  colds not include severe disease, but the disease is difficult to overcome so often recur. Treatment can be done only to relieve symptoms or symptom. This is because the viruses that cause colds are very numerous and can be changed or has the ability to have a genetic mutation that may arise new viruses. This causes the common cold virus resistant to a particular vaccine or specific antibody in some time so it is very difficult to make the vaccine cold. 
Influenza disease is a disease that often attack and repeatedly. Because there are more than 200 viruses that can cause disease, then in a year could be a cold many times, it is very likely got a cold again before the first cold finished. Therefore, to prevent colds the main thing is to increase endurance. To improve the immune system is through a healthy lifestyle, such as regular exercise and measurable, and not excessive, to avoid or control stress well, and intake of nutritious foods that contain vitamin A can C. In addition to avoid a cold, frequently wash hands, because cold viruses can survive on a table, door handles, money or anything else for several hours. Also avoid the cold environment or people because it can be contracted through sneezing sufferers spark. 
Herbs or medicinal plants that can be used to overcome a cold or a cold has the effect of a fever (antipyretic), anti-infective,  (to relieve coughing), and helps improve stamina and endurance. 
Here are some herbal prescriptions to cope with a cold: 
Herbal Recipes 1 
+ 10 grams of fresh ginger 1 clove garlic, washed and ground, and brewed with 200 cc of hot water, add juice of A lemon and honey, then drink while warm. Do it 3 times a day. 
Herbal Recipes 2 
10 betel leaves and turmeric masters + 25 grams (chopped), after washed boiled with 600 cc of water until the remaining 300 cc, filtered, add honey or rock sugar, water is taken 2-3 times, each time a drink 100-150 cc .


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