Relationships And Communication

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     What is it that men really want? They all claim to want a good girl. This comment bothers me tremendously, because 1 I am a woman, and I haven’t been a girl for many years, and 2 what exactly do they mean by good? If men would be more specific, when clarifying, what exactly it is they want in a woman, maybe woman could better oblige their needs. For example, if a man is looking for a woman, who cooks, cleans, and wants to stay home taking care of kids they could find that by simply stating their wants and needs up front, and woman could further assist them by knowing the facts. Woman could simply say I’m sorry to inform you, but I am not what you are looking for. Lack of communication makes relationships much harder than they, actually, have to be. Relationships should be simple, because love is a feeling that is felt without effort.

     The first step in developing a healthy relationship is finding a partner who shares the same wants and desires as you do. A first date should be more like an interview than anything. If for no other reason, getting the most important details out of the way first will prevent both parties from wasting precious time and energy. It shouldn’t take years to realize that a relationship isn’t going to work. If the right questions are asked, one will receive immediate results.

     The second step is building a solid foundation for the relationship to rest on. Trust and honesty is an excellent foundation to start on. One can gain a tremendous amount of trust by being honest with their significant other. I’ve come to realize that the more honest you are with a person the more they will trust and respect you. It all goes back to communication.

     Relationships do not fail until couples stop communicating. Pointing fingers at each other, yelling and screaming, is not communicating by the way. Communicating is expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in a clear and acceptable manner. Work on communicating, and the relationship will progress as you desire.


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