Papuma,fantastic Panoramic Beach.

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Before you go to the beach we’ll travel through forests, mostly planted with teak trees. Furthermore, after entering the gate area we will travel to see the forest full of trees that are still natural like a palm, shaved and various other small trees and forests are said to still save the sharing of tropical flora and fauna, such as various species of birds and monkeys hanging from the tree. After passing through the woods malikan we will be treated to a clean white sand and is so beautiful, fantastic panoramic beach. West along the white sand there are fishing boats that are leaning. If you want to see the fishermen off the boat came between the hours of 11:00 until 13:00 noon and we could buy the fish directly fishermen to be burned on the beach, of course, with the help of the owners of the existing food stalls along the beach.

After tracing the white sand beaches will be more amazed at the panoramic beach Papuma headland, the beach is clean, clear water and after looking into the center will look so many people call it rock or atolls, atolls, due to the large and tossed sea Floating in the middle of this blue will look like coral islands. There are 7 (seven) in Papuma this big rock, a row of the atoll has its own name taken from a puppet characters such as, Bataraguru island, island kresna, Narada island, the island of Nusa Barong, awning island and atoll islands frog because it forms similar to a giant toad that arise drowned at sea. At low tide the tide will feel wonderful when we see from the bottom Sitihinggil standpoint because it will look right in front of a large boulder corals hit by big waves. When the waves receded or small we can go down and stand on rocks when the tide that rocks are not visible because the ocean water, standing on the reef while occasionally exposed to the waves, looking absolutely stunning views of exotic and extraordinary. At low tide saaat we can also see a lot of fishermen who catch fish with fishing line, if we dare to cross this part of the angler to the rock in the middle really more amazing because we can stand high above the reef and in the midst of the sea while the waves are crashing rocks a height of approximately 5 meters was incredible sensation .. Because of this Papuma headland overlooking the southwest of the most beautiful scenery is at sunset, at sunset, drowned in the sea water. The atmosphere and the view is that we can enjoy on a small hill named Sitihinggil where there’s already built a joglo. In this joglo we can see the entire cape region Papuma of white sand, fishing boats, pieces of rocks, little rocks on the shoreline and chunks of coral islands in the middle of the sea. For those who want to vacation in the tourist district in eastern Java sempatkanlah enjoy all the beauty of this coastal headland Papuma would not have said sorry after a visit to this beach, even be attracted to visit this beach again. If you want to spend the night on the beach Papuma here there are some villas are rented by tour manager of the perhutani, with variations in the price of lodging facilities, air-conditioned rooms, single beds, private bathroom, TV and a small porch at the price tag of around 300-400 thousand. But if you want to go back to the muddy town to stay while enjoying a variety of foods typical of eastern Java please find lodging in around the town square is muddy because of the strategic place to relax while berkuliner. Lodging rates vary from 70 thousand – 100 thousand non-conditioned rooms with private bathroom facilities, TV and single bed or at a price of 120 thousand and above with air conditioning, private bathroom, TV and breakfast.



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