10 Types of Herbs That Can Overcome Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids  can be called an aberration due to enlargement of veins (vein) at the bottom of the large intestine (rectum) in the rectal area. Anatomically, the hemorrhoid is actually not a disease, but changes in blood vessels in the rectal pads. Bearing was widened and enlarged. 
In general, the cause of hemorrhoids is partly because less fiber body, too much sitting, lack of fluids in the body, and blood circulation is not smooth. While there are two kinds of hemorrhoids external hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids. That is, the hemorrhoid in a lump inside while outside lump hemorrhoid outside anus. 
Treatment of hemorrhoids is based on severity. If the hemorrhoids are still in a mild degree, traditional medicine, especially efficacious herbs you can try. Herbal Therapy According to the book, there are several recipes herbs to cope with hemorrhoids. 

1. Duck Bill 
Effects: anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling, stop bleeding. 
Remedy: Take the duck bill 50 leaves, washed, and then aerated to dry. Then finely crushed and store in tightly covered container. One tablespoon of powdered leaves of the duck bill was brewed in a cup of hot water (may be added honey). Stir. After a warm drink. This herb can be taken 3 times a day. 
2. Tread liman (elephant opus scaber) 
Boil 0.5 kg leaf liman footprint in 1.5 l of boiling water. Should be boiled in a pot with a lid perforated in the center. After sufficient heat, immediately remove the pan and steam coming out of the pit lid is directed right into the anus hemorrhoid sufferers. Apply 2 times a day. 
3. Tomatoes 
Boil some ripe tomatoes in coconut oil for about 10 minutes, then filtered with a piece of clean cloth. After the cold dab on wasirnya. 
4. Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) 
Effect: Laxatives (laxative), anti-inflammatory, softening the skin (emollients) 
Remedy: Aloe Vera juice to taste, add powdered gamier Moritz and taste. Mix well and apply on the hemorrhoids. 
The second recipe, meat shredded or juiced aloe Vera. Add a glass of boiled water and 2 tablespoons of pure honey. Stir and then filtered. Water to drink juice. 
5. The root of watercress 
It’s best to unplug the root of watercress. As an external medicine for hemorrhoids, roots washed and boiled kale. Boiled water used to wash or clean the anus. 
Remedy: Take a handful watercress roots, add 1 teaspoon fennel, pulasari third finger. Then boiled with 2-3 cups water over low heat, continue until the water is staying 1-1 1 / 2 cup, let cool, strain and drink twice a day. 
The second recipe, a small handful of watercress roots washed, then boiled in 3 cups of water up to half. After a cold, drink 2 glasses a day and a half cups. 
6. Purple eggplant 

Take 15 grams of roots of eggplant purple, then dry and grind up into powder. Then 3 g of root powder is mixed with eggplant bitter powder, aloe Vera juice to taste and mix evenly. Apply on the hemorrhoids. 
7. Young bananas 

Take 3-5 bananas younger rocks, washed and grated and squeezed. Water plus a little juice and palm sugar pulosari or brown sugar. Uniformly stirred, filtered, and drink 1-2 times a day. 
8. Centella Asiatic 

Effects: Anti-infectious, soothing. In the ground water is also called the Santana or Kalikuda. The leaves are known as stomach tonic. 
Remedy: Take a handful of fresh gotu kola leaves, then boiled with three glasses of water in a small fire. After half a glass of water to live, let cool and then filtered. Drink twice a day. 
9. Leaves Handeuleum 
This leaves in Java called the Purple Leaf, in Madura called Karotong while in Bali known as Temen. In the Latin language called Latya graptophyllum pictum L. Griffith. Leaf color is violet or purple, can be eaten raw as a salad or steamed vegetables can even be made. 
Remedy: Take 7-8 pieces of these leaves, 1 tablespoon fennel and pulosari half a finger. Then boiled with 2 cups water (500 ml), with a small flame, so that the water remaining 1 cup again. 3-4 degrees for hemorrhoid sufferers, drinking three times a day. As for the hemorrhoids are still minor, was cooking water can be drunk in 2-3 times. If you want better, then you can add a slice of buffoonery in the stew last meeting. 
10. Salak leaves. 
If piles / hemorrhoids or have severe symptoms still, can also be tried three recipes salak leaves boiled with water by one cup. Then boiling water was filtered and drunk with red sugar. Drink twice daily, morning and night. Perform routine.

Hopefully the above traditional prescription medications can help you cope with hemorrhoids. And do not forget to keep drinking water is always a bit much.

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