How to Make Jenny's First Day at School The Happiest One?

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Summer is the time of vacation and reopening of schools. Children who are already at school may be able to take, though reluctantly, their satchels and return to school. But for the first entrants it is really a torture of entering an absolutely new world—an unforgettable traumatic experience. A really traumatic experience with meeting new people for the first time, being without their parents for the first time and being in unfamiliar surroundings. Screaming, crying, kicking, coaxing, and doing all sorts of resistance are common sights of this first day at school. 

Frightening experiences of the first day at school

1) Fear of insecurity

The kid that was enjoying the embrace of the mother till then is separated by some kind of force, and is place in a quite new atmosphere. Although nursery schools are covered with so many colorful pictures to attract the kids, the new faces and the unacquainted surroundings make them feel insecure.

2) Feeling of separation

A terrified reaction of the feeling of separation overcomes the kids and they resort to all kinds of resistances. They are shocked by the separation from their dad and mom.

How to face crying Jennies?

3) Prepare your child for separation

Orientation period set before the opening of regular classes has become common today to introduce the kids the places they are going to enjoy. They come to school, accompanied by a family member and are allowed to play and explore around the school grounds until they are ready to go home. That makes them fell cool and the kids are fresh and will be in a good mood on the first day.

4) The children should be made familiar with the teacher

Appointments are set by the school for applicants to meet the teacher, play inside the classroom, and feel free with the teacher and other kids. He kids become familiar with the school atmosphere.

5) When regular school starts parents can be allowed to be near foe one or two days

When regular classes start, the child can be allowed to keep a parent or guardian within sight for one two days. That may give the kid a secure feeling until he is acquainted.

6) Enthusiasm of parents should not harm the health of children

The children should be tackled carefully. Never leave a child crying for a long time to wail his lungs out. Schools are more particular about keeping a silent atmosphere in their schools to help listening. In that case they may assign somebody to take charge of crying children. They can take the f crying children for a walk or distract them outdoors with some toys until they stop crying.

7) Punishing children is more dangerous

Some parents and schools are still in the medieval age of punishing children for even health problems. They want to show to be more orthodox with stricter rules and regulations. A few of them still adhere to the medieval practice of punishing crying kids or students by isolation in a dark room. Experience has taught humanity that such punishments make matters worse by threatening or frightening a child. Such punishments, especially on the first day of school, will definitely doom their character.

The first day at school is the happiest day

It is encouraging that, nowadays, preschools and nurseries have begun to adopt various measures to make the first day of school a happier and tense-free. They are equipped with sufficient resources, such as a competent staff, which can handle difficult children without losing composure. The first day at school should provide the happiest experiences for a child.


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