Did They Get Her?

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The Casey Anthony prosecutors captivated up their case yesterday. Diane Dimond analyzes whether they accepted that she asleep her toddler daughter—and what the aegis needs to do to chargeless her.

After 19 canicule of testimony, the case captivated up its case in one of the best belled annihilation trials the accompaniment of Florida has anytime put on. And with 25-year-old Casey Anthony adverse the achievability she will be put to afterlife for the annihilation of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, the accompaniment alleged the defendant’s mother, Cindy, to tie up apart ends.

Cindy explained why the mitochondrial-matched 9-inch-long beard begin decomposing in Casey’s car block couldn’t accept been anyone abroad in the family’s except little Caylee. She testified that the child’s Winnie-the-Pooh absolute had mysteriously abolished from the home forth with atramentous artificial debris accoutrements and a canvas laundry bag that had been stored in the garage—all items begin with the 2-year-old’s remains.

And then, accepting bolstered the prosecution, Cindy mouthed the words, “I adulation you,” to her confined babe as she larboard the stand.

It would accept been a affecting ending, but the aftermost case attestant was absolutely boom artisan Bobby Williams who categorical a aerial “Bella Vita” tat into Casey’s high aback during the time she should accept been aching her baby’s death. The board got to see a photo of Casey, in a white sports bra, announcement the “Beautiful Life” tattoo.

Prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick and her team, Jeff Ashton and Frank George, accept absolutely absolved the console through affidavit from some bristles dozen witnesses. Jurors accept apparent and heard things best of us will never accept to ponder. Tiny skeleton bones, able opinions on the aroma of animal atomization and insects that barbecue aloft asleep flesh, and the achievability that a baby’s mother committed advised annihilation so she could be chargeless to go out dancing and bubbler with her latest boyfriend.

One adolescent woman testified that Casey already admitted, “I’m such a acceptable liar!”

At times, raw absoluteness hit this board in the face.

There was a clear minutes-long action featuring a account of Caylee’s animated face. It morphed into the real-life account of her skull. Jurors watched agape as a allotment of recovered aqueduct band was superimposed over her tiny adenoids and mouth. Proof, the accompaniment said, that aloof one allotment of the band (three were begin with Caylee’s remains) would accept been abundant to asphyxiate the toddler.

There was jaw-dropping affidavit from Medical Examiner Dr. Jan Garavaglia answer why she disqualified Caylee’s afterlife a assassination by alien means. Three reasons, she said: The adolescent was not appear missing for added than month, she was hidden in abundant artificial accoutrements and larboard alfresco “to rot like trash” in the woods, and third, the attendance of aqueduct band about the skull.

“There is no adolescent that should accept aqueduct band on its face back it dies,” the coroner said in a close tone. “I anticipate (homicide)… is the alone analytic conclusion.”


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