Tips to Get Rid of Pimples Naturally

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Uh-oh! Are you having trouble with pimples? Are you thinking that it is hard to get rid of them? To tell you the truth, its not really that hard just as long as you have a healty body, good diet and proper hygiene. But even so, there are times when this pimples just burst out of nowhere and I know how annoying to see them whenever you look in the mirror. I went through the trouble of knowing how to avoid getting them as much as possible and I seem to find some tips that really does work. Some of them would be things that you already knew, but I hope that the other tips would be useful to you.

  • Drink 8 glasses of water a day. By doing so, your skin will be hydrated and it will cleanse the toxins out from your body.

  • Exercise. You might already know why, by exercising, you will release toxins in your body and it will also lessen the stress that is also a factor for having acne.

  • Avoid wearing make up as much as possible, especially, oil-based ones. Just let your skin breath once in a while. 

  • Wash your face regularly but make sure that you won’t over-do it. Washing your face too much would most likely make your face too dry or it will also cause more oil to be released from your sebaceous gland(I read that somewhere).

  • Keep your hands and hair off from your face. The oils and dirt from them will transfer to your face that will trigger for more acne outbreak.

  • Don’t scrub your face too much when you are washing it. It will make the sebaceous gland to be over-stimulated.

  • Don’t pop your pimples. By popping your acnes, the bacteria from your hands will be pushed further into the skin which will cause for even more breakouts. Whatever you do, resist the urge of popping or even poking it.

  • Have a healthy diet. Avoid eating greasy and processed/junk foods. First one to avoid would be red meat and other milk products. Eat more foods with zinc and vitamins A, C, E like vegetables and fruits.

  • Don’t sleep late at night. Sleeping late can disturbed the activities of the liver which cleanses our body. Besides, not only would sleeping late cause you more acnes, it will also cause dark circles which looks horrible. 

  • Avoid using too much acne products. The more times you abuse using them, the worser your situation will get. Less is more after all.

  • Make sure that your pillowcases were changed frequently. The oils from your hair will linger in your pillowcases which will be passed to your skin when your face lay on the pillow.

There are several more things that I know but these are the ones that I remember. Hopefully, those things will help you.


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