Yoga Affects Emotions

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Man evolved surrounded by a vast hostile world. Therefore, the structure responsible for negative emotions, represented in the brain is much more powerful than positive ones.

Genuine positive emotions into being are the deficit in the industrialized world today. First, the average American in the material sense or desire to achieve nothing at all in our opinion, are far from the truth. Secondly, when everyone’s all there, no one broke. Society of material abundance generates the highest degree of alienation of people from each other and the ability to go without any significant life efforts. The hope that people wish to develop spiritually, if freed from the current troubles, was completely utopian.

The possibilities are almost exhaustive execution of material desires mediocre minds led to the intellectual degeneration and lack of positive experiences. Level of living comfort in the West actually ruled the physical cost to the bodily “recycling” of negative emotions, which are generated primarily loss of the required number of communications with their own kind. Instead of rewarding a combination of mental and physical activity remained dull Pressing buttons and toggle switches. Man does not want to give all the best, even in the process of satisfying their desires and needs.

But have long known that without the intellectual and physiological costs, emotional “boiling” degenerates, becomes destructive. Receiving no costly pleasure, a man enters the Garden of Eden, which inevitably ends in disaster. Alcohol, drugs, audio and video surrogates of real life and real action, the race for the spectacles – all this seemed to provide the required experience, but they are only an imitation, the contemplation of another’s efforts, always a passive complicity.

After consuming a surrogate is emptiness, a feeling of deception and nonsense. Providing gratuitous “Paradise”, drugs and alcohol and then with even greater force in the swing consumer psychosomatic “hell” from which you can escape only new dose – thus untwisted standard sequence of events leading to the degradation and destruction. Existential emptiness is the lack of a mad hunt for pleasure. Bullfighting, car racing, sports, Ketch, horror films – all focused on provoking and uncontrolled release of emotions. But any “synthetic” unnatural causes emotional experience, “a visual signal, leading to a sharp change of positive states of pointless on an equally powerful negative states – for no apparent reason.

Systematic practice of yoga can quickly eliminate unwanted emotions in everyday domestic situations, and to begin with – lower levels of negative emotions. This is achieved through deep relaxation daily, and then, in the long term – through relaxation “break” backward (efferent) connections in the yoga poses. Performing them correctly, the person develops a mode where any movement and the efforts were not supported by any appreciable or significant neuro-emotional impulse. Gradually occurs from excessive release of “littered” everyday actions emotions automatically reduced their excess heat, which does not correspond to the nature of problems to be solved too quickly wears out a man. Thus, their behavior, we avoid unconsciousness and chaotic bustle of the mind, which it accompanies. Once the separation occurs in the physical effort asanas with neuro-emotional components – is evidence of achieving the primary balance of the psyche.

In the initial stages of yoga the body becomes an instrument of gradual liberation of consciousness from the non-stop racing thoughts. The whole mentality is released from the “seizure” accumulated in the unconscious. The emergence of such possibilities cannot be overestimated. Through special work with the body consciousness is disconnected from everyday life with its problems, as well as the perception of its own functioning, becomes like a one-dimensional, neutral screen, through which the adjustment of the required level of sensations and accompanying registration of the manifestations of the psyche, if any.

In some subjects the mental stress under certain circumstances, can manifest as spontaneous visual and auditory hallucinations, which are often taken as a manifestation of “higher”. With such features alone do yoga and the more “meditate” is highly undesirable, because the general mental instability in this case inevitably increases.

Beyond the emotional aspect of psycho-physiological balance, achieved in a traditional yoga has far reaching consequences. “Bhagavad Gita” provides a clear definition: “Yoga is called a balance.”


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