Cordless Versus Mains Power Tools

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The range of cordless power tools available to the tradesman is now extensive and the choice has never been greater in terms of the voltage platform or the type of tool now available as a cordless option.

The principal advantage of any cordless power tool is that it can be used anywhere without the need for direct access to a power supply. This can be a significant advantage for any tradesman under pressure to carry out a task as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Often the only alternative may be the use of a petrol or diesel powered generator to provide power and apart from cost, the job location may not be suitable for the use of this type of equipment.

While cordless has yet to fully replicate the power of mains tools, there are a substantial number of applications where a cordless tool has other attributes which give it a distinct advantage over a similar mains powered product. While a mains powered tool may have the advantage of additional power, recent advances in low voltage motor technology have led to the development of cordless tools with a power output getting much closer to their mains counterparts. Similar advances in battery technology have also meant that these tools can deliver a runtime performance substantial enough to make them of real value to tradesmen working in particularly difficult locations.

Even where power is available cordless tools are often favoured due to their convenience and ability to operate without having a cable attached to a fixed point. Most tools are available with two batteries with charge times of 1 hour or even less, while the batteries deliver significantly more than 1 hour of runtime for many applications.  This allows the user to carry on with the task safe in the knowledge that another battery will be available fully charged before the existing one runs out.

There are now many drilling and screw driving tasks carried out by tradesmen worldwide where mains tools are virtually redundant having been replaced by more convenient and versatile cordless alternatives.

When all of this is taken into account it is easy to understand why cordless power tools are often now the preferred option even where power is available. Follow the link for more information on the various types of cordless power tools.


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