How to Benefit From Goji Juice

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Goji Juice is rising in the ranks of popularity among health fanatics and those concerned about acquiring a better quality of life and getting a healthy start. The Chinese have always known of the benefits of Himalayan Goji Berries and have used this timeless fruit for centuries. 

“Well, it is now time for the rest of the world to experience the power of Goji. The popularity of the goji is growing rapidly as users learn more about this superfood” stated Linsford Wright, owner of Premium Foods. “The most important aspect of goji juice”, Wright adds, “is that you consume the juice in its 100% purest, premium form. When looking for the best goji juice, it is important that the label states that the juice has no added water or sugars. This will dilute the effects of the goji juice to improve your life.”

Shirley Allen from Texas shares this testimony of her experience with goji juice.

“I feel a remarkable difference since drinking Himalayan Goji Juice. I am 46 years old  with a body that has been mistreated by time, too much partying, and burning  the candle at both ends. I take four ounces in the morning and four ounces in the evening this week. I feel that clear-mind and energetic feeling like I did  when I was in my 20s…The baby boomers are going to love you forever. Thank you so much for giving me my youth back.”

Research has shown several benefits from juicing goji berries. Listed are 10 of 18 top benefits of goji juice:

Benefit # 1:  Anti-Aging Food & Extends Life

·        Goji is known as the “longevity fruit” it contains powerful polysaccides and
antioxidants to help your body keep free radicals to a minimum which ultimately
helps protect you against premature aging so that you can do the things that
you enjoy the most.

Benefit # 2:  Look Better, Feel Younger

·         After taking goji juice on a consistent basis now your body is getting what it needs
to release free radicals.

·         Getting rid of those toxins in your body by consuming goji products, especially goji
juice helps you and feel better.

Benefit # 3: Reduce Sleep Disorders

 ·      In several medical study groups show that nearly all patients taking goji reported
better quality of sleep.

Benefit # 4: Improves Digestion Problems

·         Goji has been used in those with atrophic gastritis. This condition includes symptoms like weakening of the digestion due to reduced activity in stomach cells.

Benefit # 5: Improves Memory

·         Goji contains betine which is converted in your body into choline a substance which helps enhance brain memory.

Benefit # 6: Improves Kidney Functions

·         In Chinese medicine the kidney is considered one of the most important organs. Goji has been traditionally used as a super tonic supporting ultimate kidney health and functions by reducing kidney problems.

Benefit # 7:  Reduces Heart Disease

  ·        Goji contains cyperone a sesquiterpene that benefits the heart and blood pressure. 

  ·        Its anthocyanin helps to maintain strength and integrity of coronary arteries.

Benefit # 8:  Combats Fatigue and Lethargy

·         Goji is one of Asia’s adaptogens. Goji may help increase exercise tolerance, improve
stamina and endurance. It also helps eliminate fatigue especially when
recovering from and illness.

Benefit # 9:  Reduces and Improves Liver Failure

·         Goji contains cetebroside (a type of enzyme) that protects liver cells even from
highly toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons.

·        The liver is a filtering organ and when it is clogged with toxins it cannot properly do its
job of riding all of the harmful toxins and radicals in your body. Goji Juice
helps aid the liver in flushing and clearing itself so that it can complete its

Benefit # 10:  Regulate Immune Response

·         Research reveals that goji may have the ability to regulate immunity by commanding and controlling
many of the body’s important defense functions by helping to enhance and
balance the activity of all classes of immune cells.

As more and more people are taking control of their health they are finding that goji really “packs a punch” in accomplishing their health and nutrition goals.



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