When a Saint Dies Unheard…

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This is the India who boasts of its culture, moral and ethics. Ahinsa parmo dharma (Non violence is the biggest religion); Vasudhev Kutumbakam (whole universe is a family); Satymev Jayate (Truth ever prevails). Seldom have I seen it in practice…

I feel the country has really transformed. It has transformed from a country of satya (truth) ahinsa (Non violence) and sahishnuta (tolerance) to what we see it today as an intolerant, corrupt, insensitive and very-very violent country. 

A saint dies in his protest through hunger strike. Police finishes its responsibility by dragging him to hospital. And then nobody knows who he was, where he was, and why he was only until he dies. It’s shameful to know that a person dies in his efforts to keep holy Ganga cleaner. The Ganga: the river for which thousands of billions of Rs has been scooped by Government over the years. But the Ganga’s condition is still the same which can truly be realized only after visiting her. It is shameful to hear that a person (native of India) dies in his unselfish attempt to revive the condition of Gnaga: the Ganga on the name of which India is drooling saliva to grab one billion dollar from World Bank.

The very purpose of venting my emotion out here is not about the Ganga rather I want to draw attention toward the apathy shown by our society and the government towards issues of public interest. The question is who cares? It is the attitude that recounts. The incidence is clear indicative of apathy, ignorance, and no-concerned attitude of the current government. It indicates that how insensitive the current government is in tackling the common people’s causes and issues. The Ganga is not an individual’s property. The saint or the concerned people never claimed that they are individually benefited by Ganga and to keep it clean was anyway their personal bonanza. Such matter of public interests like environment, river, earth and vegetation can only be kept in healthy state by government initiatives. For that, people contribute money either in the form of service taxes or any other form of other levies decided by the government. But the irony turns out to be gimmickier because of the irresponsible attitude of the government.

Government is serious only to the issues that can affect their votes. The issues which are in public interest or the global interest are not the cause of concerned for the government if it is being raised by a common people like this saint. Because it was a peaceful movement, the Government had no threat of vandalism or violence. Had the same issue been raised with slogans, exhibition on road and destruction of public and private property, the government action would have been quicker and visible in every possible ways. This shows that India doesn’t pay much value to the so called attributes like peace and non violence.

When a saint dies unheard it means the souls of millions of people dies unheard. It means the death of common cause and interest. It means death of characters like sacrifice, peace, honesty and unselfishness. It means the change of an era where one should not expect to be heard through peaceful movement. It means money…, power… and violence… May be again we are moving towards survival of the fittest…?


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