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Root Rot and How Foliar Feeding Helps
It’s a plants root system that delivers the majority of nutrients to the rest of plant. Way back in the 1950s it was discovered by scientists that that nutrients were being absorbed via a plants leaves or foliage. Since that time horticulturists have put this fact to good use and used foliar feeding as a means to deliver nutrients that the plants might otherwise have been deprived of. As a hydroponic grower there are times when foliar feeding is necessary. Here’s a few of the most common reasons for foliar feeding.

Roots that have been damaged – Root damage (root rot) can obliterate an entire hydroponic crop. The most common form of root damage is caused by root rot which is usually caused by overwatering or nutrient temperatures that are too high. It can also be caused by harmful bacteria, pests or disease. When roots become badly damaged your plants lose their ability to absorb the nutrients they need and even a best case scenario would lead to a much smaller harvest. It’s best to be able to identify damage to roots in the early stages so that you can begin foliar feeding there and then and then continue this on a regular basis. By doing this your plants will receive the nutrients they need while they recover.

Resolving A Deficiency – In a hydroponic garden the balance of factors is quite fragile. It doesn’t require a huge imbalance for your plants to begin showing signs of a nutrient deficiency. Sometimes the pH balance is too low or too high or the nutrient temperature is too high or too low. Sometimes the substrate isn’t holding enough nutrient or moisture between watering and feeding times. So while you are trying to find the source of the problem, foliar feeding will ensure your plants are receiving the nutrients they need to sustain them.

Foliar Feeding As A Booster – Your plants don’t need to be suffering a deficiency for you to choose foliar feeding as a way to boost their growth rate and increase their vitality. Foliar feeding is a great way to deliver extra nutrients and allow your crops to grow to their full potential. A lot of people with smaller gardens use foliar feeding because it’s one of the most cost effective and easiest methods available. It’s as easy as having a small spray bottle and a good quality, properly balanced foliar nutrient. The things to make sure of when spraying is that your room temperature is not beyond about 80 degrees because the spray will evaporate too quickly. Also make sure your lights are not too close to the plants as the small droplets can act as little magnifying glasses and burn your plants.


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