Men's Gifts That Keep Him Fresh

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Some men need a boost to begin a personal grooming routine

Personal grooming can expand enjoyment of life, because it makes you look great, feel great and perform your best. You can encourage good men’s grooming regimens among your friends and family by gifting them with the necessary items. For the greatest impact, purchase many items and arrange them in a gift package.

Fancy Men’s Soap
Remember when Aunt Agnes gave you soap-on-a-rope for your 12th birthday? You hated to admit it, but it was a great gift, because it made you feel like a man. You still can get soap on a rope, but today’s men’s skin care products are more sophisticated–fancier. “Fancy” might be found in the form of the soap, as well as luxurious ingredients or elite packaging.

Quality Men’s Grooming Tools
When a man needs to buy a men’s grooming tool for himself, it’s tempting to get the most economical one he can find at the drugstore. But quality truly does make a difference, and high-quality tools make the best gifts.

Giftable men’s grooming tools include sisal washcloths, hemp wash mitts, ergonomic toothbrushes, cedar grooming brushes and high-tech tweezers.

Men’s shaving gear is a favorite personal grooming gift, including special blades, high-dollar safety razors and luxurious shaving creams and aftershave lotions. There’s a raging trend toward men’s shaving the old-fashioned way just for fun, so the man you need a gift for might love a men’s shaving cup and shaving brush—even a straight razor with a stropping strap and a nice towel to toss over his shoulder.

Luxury Men’s Skin Care
If your man is shy about using men’s skin care products, gifting is a great way to break the ice. This is the time to share products such as eye contour lift, anti-aging moisturizer and facial scrubs. Most men’s skin care companies offer pre-packaged collections to get a beginner started, or you can assemble some of your favorite products, so you can speak genuinely about how well they work.

No matter what you choose to put in a personal grooming gift package – from men’s skin care products and fancy soaps to men’s grooming tools and old-fashioned men’s shaving supplies – you know the man in your life will appreciate the thought. It’s a nice opportunity for a little manly pampering.


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