Hunting in Wisconsin: Fallow Deer Hunting

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The Challenge

Bow hunting is a challenging way to bag any game. Whitetail deer, Elk, and Mule deer can test the skills of the best hunters. Fallow Deer hunting, especially Trophy Fallow Deer hunts, present an entirely new set of exciting challenges. Fallow deer do not follow the traditional habits of other species… they make their own rules. Patience is definitely a virtue when hunting these exotic creatures. Whitetails generally follow a routine and visit the same areas daily. Fallow deer will sometimes not return to an area for up to a week. Stalking and glassing a herd, then determining the best approach and set up are only the beginning of this challenge. Fallow deer do not always follow trails, but seem to wander aimlessly, and seem to have a sixth sense that would make Whitetail’s jealous.

2. The Difference

Trophy Fallow Deer have many differences from their native North American cousins. To begin with, there are a variety of colors in their coats. There are spotted fallow with a tan to reddish color coat covered in white spots that closely resembles an Axis deer; there are chocolate colored (sometimes with faint spotting,) and there are all white coats. The antlers of a mature fallow buck resemble a cross between a moose and an elk with palmation occurring on the upper part of the antler of bucks aging four years and up. Fallow deer are comparatively smaller than whitetails in height, but stocky in build. Average mature fallow bucks can weigh between 160 and 200lbs.

3. The Cost

Booking a bow hunt for a trophy animal can become very costly. The price for a trophy big game animal alone can be staggering, not to mention out of state license fees, lodging, meals, trophy fees, etc. A trophy elk hunt can cost upwards of $10,000.00 and be well worth every penny, but in tough economic times that kind of money isn’t always expendable or available. An all-inclusive Fallow Deer hunt package in Wisconsin can be had for less than $3500.00 leaving a little breathing room in your wallet. The taxidermy price is usually about the same as a Whitetail deer as well.

4. The Benefit

Bow hunting for trophy fallow deer can open up a whole new experience for you, your family, and your friends. It offers affordability, and variety allowing you to harvest a fallow of each color or what is referred to by some as “The Fallow Slam.” You can stretch it out over a few years taking a trophy of each color each year, and maybe take a friend or family member with you. Wisconsin offers some of the most beautiful scenery in North America along with a rich heritage of culture and history. Wisconsin also offers some of the best hunting in North America with a mixture of hardwoods, pine forests, marshes and agricultural fields. The meat of the fallow deer is absolutely delicious. Some prefer it to elk and whitetail.

5. The Experience

Hunting anything anywhere can provide an experience worth re-telling, but consider Wisconsin bow hunting for your next hunt, to a first class hunting facility and hunting an animal as exotic and majestic as a trophy fallow deer. Experiencing new country, new big game, and a whole new reason to hunt will give you an experience you can enjoy and talk about for years to come, and a trophy worthy of admiring for the rest of your life.


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