Heart Diseases, Prevention, And Management

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Heart disease is the number one killer in developed nations and a major cause of disability. It often exists for a long time without any symptoms. It often exists for a long time without any symptoms.

1. Heart valve diseases or valvular heart disease

The heart has four valves that let blood flow into or out of the heart for normal functioning of the heart, and close to hinder blood flowing back. Problem arises when they do not function properly, leading to leakage of blood, and resulting in what is called regurgitation.

Mitral valve prolapsed, is a problem or disease of the heart valve, where the mitral valve becomes flaps that are unable to close fully. Another condition called stenosis occurs when the valves do not open adequately, thereby hindering blood flow. Heart valve diseases may be present at birth and some need no treatment, while some require repair through surgery.

2. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is the constant elevation of the pressure of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries and other blood vessels. Blood pressure is the force of imported blood on the walls of the arteries.

This force is brought about by the heart as a result of its pumping of blood to all parts of the body. High blood pressure usually manifest in middle age. Periodic checks, medical advice, prescribed medication from your doctor can bring about prevention and cure.

3. Cardiac Arrhythmia

Cardiac arrhythmia is a heart condition in which the heart goes off-beat. Here the heart beat rate may become lower or higher than normal. It can result to other heart problem.

4. Coronary Artery Disease

The disease is also called coronary arteriosclerosis or coronary atherosclerosis. This disease occur when the arteries the give blood to the heart become blocked or hardened and smaller or narrow, due to bad cholesterol and other harmful materials buildup on the inner walls. The heart at this time cannot receive the needed blood. Signs and symptoms include pain in the chest. This can lead to other heart diseases like heart attack. See your doctor for help.

5. Heart Attack

Also known as cardiac failure is a condition whereby the heart is unable to pump blood round the body in a way in which it uses to do. This may result to blood backup in ankles, feet, etc. The weakness of the heart results in this. Signs and symptoms observed are tiredness, and shortness of breath. Cure includes heart transplant, medication, and medical help.

6. Rheumatic Heart disease and other Infections heart Disease

These diseases are linked with some streptococcal infections. Typhoid, syphilis, diphtheria, tuberculosis, and other fevers can work against the heart and cause harm and disease. Treatment of these fevers can bring prevention and treatment.

Heart diseases can be prevented or managed or treated by knowing underlying causes, avoiding harmful habits like smoking, dealing with bad cholesterol, having adequate exercise daily, having a stress free life, and seeing your doctor.

To your having a healthy heart at all times.


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