How to Leave a Longer Life

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It is vital that you balance your regular activities with the amount of time you rest. Most experts believe that having a well maintained amount of exercise in harmony with the amount of rest you get can decrease an individual’s aging thus adding more years to his/her life span.

Results have shown that muscular speed and strength in a great majority of the elderly can be improved or extended. Authorities agree that this new results is going to break many false aging and physical performance myths in the human body. It has been concluded that the potential fitness of the elderly has always been under estimated. Having regular exercise in harmony with the amount of rest is a very important factor in keeping our body’s health and fit thus expanding our chances of leaving a much longer life.

Amusement and humour is another health medicine for the human metal and physical being. Naturally we become more attracted to individuals with a great sense of humour or comedy than otherwise, therefore it is essential to have a fun side to take advantage of this kind of attraction. You can develop a fun and pleasurable side by associating with entertaining and humorous individuals.

It is highly important to recognise the bad effects stress can do to the human body. There has been many recorded health risks which can derive from stress or increase the chances of obtaining these health risks from stress itself. These risks range from hear affections usually affecting the ear’s ability to perceive sound, strokes, asthma, gastric problems, menstrual disorders, ulcerative colitis, angina, irritable, colon, increased blood pressure, ulcers, headaches and many more.

Metal, emotional and physical are the three different types of stress to be aware of. Of the three emotional stresses seems to be the most commonly affective on everyone. Although stress is very often categorised as bad it is correct to say that some stress is not bad. In some fan challenging activities such as football or boxing, we experience stress and this can be considered as good stress. Regularly imposed stress with no appropriate outlet does not allocate freedom for the body and soul. It would be a good idea to observe the source of your anxious and stress for a certain period of time such as a week, with this observation complete you will have a start on how to tackle and eliminate these sources.

Are you very often apprehensive? Individuals who experience regular anxieties experience very serious health problems than others. Many people with anxiety cope by hiding their problems and not confronting them, however this just raises the pressure. Doctors say that people with regular anxieties feel less anxious if they spend a certain period of time per day having specific thoughts about their problems.

Make sure to get plenty of exercise daily, your appearance and physical fitness will be increased dramatically. You will also feel a certain sense of easiness throughout the process. A good exercise plan will lengthen your life. By exercising more you will improve your overall appearance, self confidence and live longer!

Remember exercise is a very important activity for the human body. With no exercise your bones and muscle won’t be well adapted to their purpose and will be at rest very often which is not good. Studies show that individuals with arthritis experience less pain if they continue to keep their joints flexible. As an individual becomes older and older an aging affects is imposed on the bones as they lose their liquids or age. This is why it is very common for elderly individuals to break their bones especially their hips when they fall.

Keeping to the right balanced diet, having synchronized rests and relax periods are some of the most important factors to maintaining a healthy body and mind. While maintaining a healthy fit life it is important to remember that eating healthier foods, avoiding fats, sodium and cholesterol will support your body and decrease risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and many other health related issues.


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