Walking And Weight Loss

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Living longer, being healthier free of diseases or illness and being fit are the most important life goals for any individual, and being wealth of course. But a long life, health and fitness are the most important attributes to living a great life. Although we underestimate simple workouts such as walking, slow walking is one of the most success ways of maintaining all three. In fact for a longer time throughout the evolution of man slow walking has been one of the factors to man’s health and low aging. The physical movements and shift of body chemistry which take place while walking affects the body muscles, improves the body systems such as the circulation to the joints and reflex the blood vessels. Walking also maintains our mass under gravity and metabolism as we age keeping us young and content. So without a doubt walking would be a better solution for anyone out of shape or less athletic and since it’s just a few simple regular steps there is less to no stress involved.

Combining weight loss and walking makes perfect sense, and with the right information and guidelines you would be on the right track to burn off that extra weight. But you have to watch out as the internet is filled with lots of misguiding information about walking fitness, weight and keeping at the right diet. Any expert will tell you that when it comes to weight control, body skeleton strengthening, leg muscles toning, good posture maintenance, and improving positive self concept walking is one of the best forms of fitness for the above outcomes. Restricting yourself to diet without any form of exercise is not a good idea. In most case this could lead to gaining more fat over time although the weight might initially drop while dieting. To avoid gaining more weight exercise daily.

Walking for a long period of time is more important than speed while walk exercising, this is because moderate pace yields longer workouts with less soreness which leads to longer walks and more calories burnt in the process. With well planned intensive walking, you can help support your body systems. But in research and current weight loss programs it shows that it’s better and important to be active daily. This does not mean walking all hours every day but living an active life style 365 days a year.

In losing weight and being health, weight loss and dieting work well together. Exercising without a balanced diet is as pointless and maintaining a balanced diet without exercising.

The national research council recommends eating at least five proportions of fruits and vegetables per day. Fruits and vegetables are great foods for keeping a right balanced diet. They’re considerably low in fat and calories and often high in fibres. They’re also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Weight-lose involve loss of water and muscle which is the wrong kind of weight to lose. To avoid this lose, plan reasonable goals, such as losing one pound per week and sticking to that. Carbohydrates are high-octane fuel. They’re the source of energy for movement and help praise internal body metabolism. It is important to not add high-fat toppings to your carbohydrates.

It is our daily activities and habits which define our weight and body composition. Walking three minutes after every meal will lead to four pounds loss of body fat per annum. Two flights of stairs daily will result in loss of half a pound of body fat per annum. However one candy bar daily will lead to gaining an awful 20 pounds per annum. Therefore is important that you maintain a regular form of exercise such as walking a few steps per day. To leave longer, healthier and fit it is important that you lead and active life style daily all the year round.


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