Hall Pass (2011) – Film Review.

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Two men who are given a week off marriage set out to re-live their college days as popular ladies men. They attempt to find younger women to seduce and bed and fulfill their wishes of being free from marriage. As they progress their conscience begins to question the morality behind the ‘pass’.

The film was particularly interesting, funny and quirky. There was however a particular cliched attatchment of high school nostalgia in the movie that added a somewhat annoying touch. The film strongly reminded me of The Hangover, which I found to be a bit ‘copy-cat’ in style, but I guess if one film made it big, you might as well try and follow.

There were many moments where I actually laughed out loud, there are so many adult-joke moments which is understandable as the movie is aimed at 30+ year olds (I think anyways). The men display what can only be explained as boyish behaviour, which is always fun to watch, although Owen Wilsons nose seems to be a large distraction (for me anyways).

The film revolves around infidelity, which is a touchy subject to tread on. I suppose the funny moments in the film are supposed to make up for the lack of a strong story line (I know comedies aren’t supposed to have a good one anyways). At times, it tries too hard, and I have to cringe at their lack of creativity. Other times, they do such hilarious things I’m gasping for air through laughter! It all balances out in the end.

It’s a romantic comedy so it should never be taken seriously, having said that, it is a fairly enjoyable movie I wouldn’t mind re-watching… Maybe only once more though. So if you like movies that have a teenage edge, but with a more mature story line I recommend this movie (if you have spare time). It’s definitely not a childrens movie (unfortunately it does contain explicit images so youngens are a no-no – I don’t think they would understand most of the content anyways).

As a fellow movie-goer, I rate the movie a 6.5/10, a light hearted enjoyable movie for killing time or just for laughs.


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