Animal Abuse

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They should charge people with animal abuse just like charging someone with murder. Animals are just important as people. I am not talking about the hunters who hunt for food. There is a difference between hunting and poaching. There was this couple that lived near me and they owned three cats. One full grown and two kittens well anyway I guess they argued a lot one day she had left him which put him into a state of depresion and tried to end his life. He ended up in the hospital for a couple of days so when they released him he came home and killed the three cats in the house then took off to a freinds house and I guess drank antifreeze. The cops did show up out here and they had notified the animal control. The girl came back to grab some of her things and was told by the cops they had to clean up the cats and she was devistated about what he had done. When animal control came out they took pictures of the cats and said he will face three felany counts of animal abuse well that’s good but right now he’s on a machine at the hospital and may not make it. I don’t wish death on anyone except him for what he did. I know he did it for revenge but that was the wrong way to do it and he’s only 22 years old and now he’s going to die or spend lots of time behind bars. This is why I think they should have laws in all states for abuse like this. I won’t say how he did it cause it turns my stomache just to think about it. So I hope this will get out and more people will see why we need these laws to happen. Please if you can start a petition to get states to do something about this abuse. I see storys all the time on the news about neglected animals. People should take classes on how to treat animals and maybe we wouldn’t have so many cases.


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