How to Start Virtual Dedicated Hosting And Rake in Dollars Daily

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Virtual dedicated hosting also referred to as Virtual private server is whereby a business or a person leases a private server “often called a box” from a hosting company for their dedicated use. Each virtual server can run a fully fledged operating system and can be independently rebooted.

There is resurgence in recent years of the practice of partitioning a single server so that it appears as multiple servers with the development of virtualization software and technologies. This is ideal for those

Virtual dedicated hosting represents the future of web hosting. However for many years, full root access had been at a high cost and yet it was deemed to be one of the vital points in the successful administration of servers for business or personal sites. The demand was finally met when virtual dedicated hosting became available.

Platforms such as OpenVZ and Xen have revolutionized the hosting industry and created a solid alternative to dedicated servers, by allowing a high performing server to provide cheap virtual dedicated hosting with full root access.

It is important to get a Virtual Dedicated Hosting company that can tailor a plan that fits your needs and requirements. Currently there are so many web hosting plans out there and one can easily be drowned by the options available, thus ending up more confused than when you started.

Before you spend time picking which type of hosting you require, you must decide the level of control that will be ideal for your organization.

Some of the things a good hosting company should provide are:

  • Fast access line to the internet

  • Security

  • Fire protection

  • UPS – Uninterrupted power supply

  • Computer hardware to host your website

  • Server set up

  • Optional software maintenance

 Leasing these services from a host makes a lot of business sense, since it affords your business a speedy Internet access without heavy investments that go with the acquisition of the assets.

Virtual dedicated hosting offers one of the highest controls for your hosting power. In this type of hosting the company leases a server for its own use only from a hosting company. In this set up the website does not share its resources with other websites since their computer server is physically separate.

This is ideal for high demand websites that require large storage space and transfer speeds for multiple databases or for sites that run memory hogging applications such as streaming media.

Pro’s for having a Virtual Dedicated Hosting.

  1. Virtual dedicated hosting transfers the headaches of managing a dedicated server (hardware) to the hosting company who have an optimized solution already existing.

  2. Virtual dedicated hosting is cheaper than running and maintaining your own server in house. You have no interest in overspending for things someone else already has and is selling to you at a fraction the price you would need to pay yourself.

  3. In the case of Virtual dedicated hosting you have more root access to your server and can be able to custom it to run the way you want it.

  4. Virtual dedicated hosting ensures reliability to the business that their servers will be up and running day and night with expert support ensuring constant flow of access and business throughout.

  5. The hosting companies offer flexibility in terms of the options of the operating system and plans that a company can choose from. 

  6. The company leasing the virtual dedicated hosting has precise control over host situations and the host cannot afford to have a moment of downtime.

Cons for having a Virtual dedicated hosting

  1. Virtual dedicated hosting is ideal for big companies whose requirements for server resources would match up with the server space, speed and costs that come with it.

  2. 2. The Virtual dedicated hosting is more expensive than the shared hosting which is common for hosting small businesses and personal websites.

  1. The Virtual dedicated hosting environment includes less support than the other hosting environments.

 I suggest you look at the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual dedicated hosting against your demands for you to pick the ideal combination that works for you.

If your company demands for a dedicated bandwidth, storage and the CPU space are high, then the virtual dedicated hosting would be the perfect scenario for you.

It ensures that no other website can take up any of the required resources and lets you relax without having to feel that you are fighting for the same resources with others.


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