People Who Can Sell Plasma For Money

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Don’t Waste Your Blood Sell Plasma for Extra Cash

That was a rainy Saturday Morning around 7am, I was transporting a passenger to a Kidney recovery center(I am a paratransit driver) which is located in a strip mall, next to the kidney center, that was a big group of people are lining up to wait for a store open.  I was curious, can’t believe that people will wake up that early unless that is a Thanksgiving sale.  However, I must continue my work so I will not delay my schedule.

They Are Selling Their Blood for Cash

After finished my work, I asked my passenger what are those people doing here.  She told me that they are selling their Plasma for money.  “Plasma? And what is it?”  I asked, then she told me that Plasma is a component in your blood that prevents you being sick.  Because Plasma is so useful for someone who is in sick, and that is why it is so valuable.

How Can You Sell Your Plasma for Money

You must be at least 18 years old but no more than 65 years old.  And you should weight at least 110 lbs to be eligible.  You should be a legal resident with a valid IDs and anything that could prove your address such as gas bill.  For more detail, you should check online by typing “Plasma Donation” with any search engine.

If You Need Quick Cash Selling Plasma would be for You

Just think of you could sell Plasma two times a week for around $50 each, then you would earn up to $100 a week.  And you could get a extra $5000 for the whole year.  Moreover, because you need to keep your body in a healthy condition to be eligible, you would be more healthier by selling your Plasma, and that would be a win win situation for you and also the people who needs your Plasma.

Help the Other People by Selling Your Plasma

There are too many people who are in very bad health shape needs Plasma, some of them cannot produce enough Plasma for themselves to fight for the sickness so they really need your help by selling your Plasma to them.  And most hospital always has shortage of Plasma because not too many people are eligible to donate.

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