Why is Little Jenny Scared at Visiting a Doctor?

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What makes Jenny behave like that? The kid is aware that visiting a doctor is not going to her grand-pa’s house. Even some adults, in this advanced modern age, are scared to visit a doctor.

Not only Jenny’s parents, but most of the dads and moms have this problem. How to take a kid to a doctor without any nerve-wrecking experience? Is it possible to modify Jenny’s attitude about her doctor?

Reasons for kids’ fear at visiting a doctor

1) A panic reaction of imitation

This is the reason that affects most of the kids. When kids see other kids screaming and struggling expressing their fear and panic, it causes a panic reaction in other kids also. In many cases it may happen when the kid accompanies or observes the reactions of its siblings. Like most of the fears this kind of panic is acquired by imitation.

2) Phobia

A major problem with phobias happens to be their hereditary nature. This unhelpful attitude passes from parents to the children. Subtle cues from parental behavior implant themselves in the minds of children very quickly. This is yet another reason to overcome fear at an early stage of the phobia

3) Pain experience

Children may worry that a part of the examination or a medical procedure will hurt.  They especially fear they may need an injection, particularly ages 6 through 12.

4) Doctor’s attitude

Unfortunately, one of a child’s concerns may be the doctor’s manner.  A child may misinterpret qualities such as speed, efficiency, or a detached attitude, and read into them sternness, dislike, or rejection.

5) Characteristics of kids may also cause this phobia

There are also several characteristics of the kids that may cause this phobia. For example, a bright child is likely to show more fears than a less bright peer, because he can be more aware of the possible dangerous situations.

The physical condition at the time he first experienced fear may also determine how he will react next time. For example, if he is tired and hungry, he may show more fear.

The personality of a kid may also be a reason. A kid who feels emotionally secure may show less symptoms of fear than the insecure and feeble personalities.

Some positive solutions

1) The kid may be prepared mentally by showing positive consequences of the visit and how it will help the kid. The kid should feel free to be in the doctor’s room. In many clinics they keep toys and other entertainments for kids.

2) Talk to the kid freely and find out the reason for his fear of meeting a doctor. If it is based on painful events such as shots, it should be explained properly and the kid can be made why it is necessary for it.

3) Kids should never be ridiculed for such fearful reactions. Persuasion is always better. Ridiculing or shaming the child will affect the personality of the growing child.

Of course, visit to a doctor is not a pleasant picnic. It sometimes involves painful experiences which may cause deep scars in the memory of a kid. Hence it should be handled carefully and diligently.


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