The Nasty Corporate, The Corrupt Politicians And The Ever Elusive Black Money.

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The world is now going gaga over selling. There is a multitude, which are into devising products that they can sell. They sweat day and night working out. They are in continuous pursuit to out-do each other in carving out products, services and anything charming (obnoxious) that they can sell. To do that we have hundreds of scores of people passing out of the technical colleges, business schools and management “guru-cools” mushroomed throughout the urban patches of our country. If music, dance, art, soap, oil, “services”, sex can be sold then “yoga”, “sermons” and “preaching” can also be sold. This is it if the question is just about selling.

The corporate worlds of which many of us are a part are in many ways better in corruption than the corrupt politicians. We do know it, but sometimes or rather most often, we try not thinking about it as we know that we are on a slippery turf. It is something more than clear how often money exchanges hands in not so legal ways, trading asses with axes.  We know what the bottom-line is all about and the ways to save them. There are times in which we perform things which are at loggerheads with our conscience, but we shy off from those things saying “it’s fair is business”. This is something that we learn from the very day we enter into this corporate world. Every day millions of people are duped through half clear insurance policies, sim cards, bonds, products brandished with false-promise advertisements running day long over the scores of television channels. And the more ignorant of the millions are looted. This is the simplest of the corrupt practices that are prevalent in the corporate realm. Going up, we see billions going to the hands of the people in the government to gain favour and licences for unqualified companies. There is call for transparency in the government but the private sector is something that is in the darkest of the worlds where no light of transparency can ever penetrate. Well it is a rather gigantic taboo to talk about this as it is a “dear” way to make money.

But above all it is politics that is up for grabs for everyone. Anyone who is cunning and shrewd will persist. The ultimate seat of power is politics which everyone strives for. Lawyers, doctors, writers, businessmen, corporate honchos, bollywood celebrities and virtually anyone from any realm is welcome. There is a lot of money in politics. Whether you are in power or not it does not matter, the donations are always there. The cap on spending money in the election campaign seems miniscule to the amount that is actually spent during the campaigns. There are no records for those. Nor any one bothers to stick to the rules. Starting from the decorations, hoardings, banners, private jets “ferrying” politicians to different sites, sound systems, security of the politicians, police officials engaged in the work, food for the people in the rally to the scores of vehicles carrying the crowd form far off areas to the rally and then back home. Then there are the under carpet money, booze and sleaze and other desperate attempts that are done as the last attempts to buy the votes. As if these cost nothing! Does any of the politicians has any right to talk of corruption after all this corruption in governance and elections? Yes they do as they are the ones to raise the issues and make laws. It really does not make any sense when they accuse a “yogi” doing politics in raising the issue of corruption. If they have the right to raise the issue then everyone has. All can do politics. Politicians corrupt or otherwise, claim to do everything for the welfare of the people. Well everyone can do that. Then there are accusations of communalism. It is really hilarious in India for the political parties to accuse each other of communalism. One is responsible for Godhra, other for Sikh genocide and both for Ayodhya. And damn their mouths when they talk of communalism.

 Every issue is an issue. It has got some face value in itself. It may be the case of corruption, human rights, child labour, dowry, freedom, land acquisition, pollution or anything else. Everyone as a citizen of India has the right to do that. Especially everyone when the politicians being corrupt can raise the issue of corruption. Raise the issue, see that the proper laws are made, and then everyone can be tried within those laws- politicians or civilians or anyone- even those who has made the laws. The constitution gives the power to the politicians to serve the people and not to rule them. We make the first mistake when we say that they are the rulers, no they are the servants and the mandate is for that. Then it gives the right to speech as one of the fundamental rights from among the seven. Everyone can speak even the convicts and truants. When we talk of us being in a land of free people with civil rights, democracy and liberty and mandate, we never talk of stick, we talk of speech.

It is certain so that anything of the otherwise can make us presume that the elusive black money rules.


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